#LondonFashionWeek2014: The Felder Sisters

What do you get when you put heavy hitting designers such as John Rocha, Peter Pilotto, and Felder Felder together? Haven’t figured it out yet? You get nothing less than amazing, wearable clothes presented at London Fashion Week 2014. This year has BEen a year to talk about already when it comes to the recent runway collections. We thought it couldn’t get any BEtter than New York Fashion Week but London has put its foot down, letting the world know they still have their hands in the world of fashion. You already would know that London Fashion week would be spectacular anytime a Kardashian/Jenner makes an appearance. Kendall Jenner was seen in the mix during this year’s LFW.

I can’t speak for anyone else but Felder Felder has BEen a favorite to these eyes. Using the classic reds and greens of Autumn, the Felder sisters, Annette and Daniela gave a new twist to this leather phase of 2014. The looks were perfect for the runway but also very appealing for an everyday wear. And not only were the style of clothing pleasing to the crowd but the selection of models were also well received. I must give nothing but absolute respect to the models for some of the BEst runway walks I have ever seen. Bottom line is, Felder Felder along with London Fashion Week, in my Trey Songz voice, was “Simply Amazing”.

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By: Jeffrey Young/ BE-STYLE/ SC Contributor









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