L’Oreal rescues Carol’s Daughters


Celebrity promotions, hash-tags, events, niche market, amazing products, even wealthy financial backers; all went down the waste side when CD Stores LLC, also known as Carol’s Daughter, filed for bankruptcy and got approved by the courts of Sept 2. To me, this is a bit disheartening that a product so loved and lifted off the ground by Mary J. Blidge (in her own financial woes) and Jada Pinkett Smith would now BE filing Chapter 11. In all honestly, I was excited to hear the story BEhind the brand but also to have products for my skin. Once the prices of the product lines started to skyrocket and just became ridiculously high for shea butter and other natural ingredients, I stopped inquiring about other products that would work best for my skin. I knew then that the hot air balloon would one day deflate.

But…. all is not lost, L’Oreal USA Inc, of the Paris juggernaut L’Oreal SA, has stepped in to purchase Carol’s Daughter at an undisclosed price and maintain its New York City Headquarters. Of course, we’ve all noticed the closing of Carol’s Daughter retail operations across the US but we wish them well.

It is my hope that L’Oreal maintains the integrity of the brand and vision of Founder, Lisa Price.

Disclaimer РI am a man so the prices of a simple bottle of liquid bath soap sometimes leaves me BEwildered. LOL.. 


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Source: BOF & CarolsDaughter.com

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