Louis Vuitton Men’s Wear Spring 2014 Collection


If there was a place that existed where my soul could rest easy in the sleek tailoring of luxury men’s wear and my choices of well crafted leather goods – ship me there now. The Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Fashion Show gives me men’s wear at its BEst. I am so excited to see the efforts BEing made by Style Director Mr. Kim Jones, to fuse the majestic history of the LV luxury brand with the more approachable daily life of the men’s wear consumers.

 In this 41 piece runway presentation, Jones took onlookers on a journey with him – mentally packing their designers luggage to attend a board meeting on Wall Street to vacations in California then back home to the humble abode in Buckhead (Atlanta).


“That’s because it took 41 looks for Jones to road-trip across America. Or maybe make that 41 archetypes: preppy, broker, frat boy, gas jockey, scout, hippie, greaser, trust fund baby, and so on. In each case, the style was touched by the Vuitton ateliers. Tie-dye became something sumptuous and dark, rather than muslin boiled up on the stove by an earth mother. The scout’s cotton drill parka was archly sewn with badges and souvenir pennants announcing his mastery of all things Vuitton, and the coat’s elbow patches were crocodile. A pastel prom jacket was woven from kimono silk. The varsity jacket was silk, too, and a denim jean jacket was actually suede.” – Style.com

 “Louis Vuitton men’s style director Kim Jones continues ineffable journey into travel and style. Mr. Jones highly anticipated 6th collection for the House was held this morning in the magnificent glass structure of Parc Andre’ Citroen.” – LouisVuitton.com

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