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Olivia Longott is gorgeous, talented, and more than ready for her shot in the epicenter of the tantalizing lime light, but what’s taking this rising star so long to connect with the fans & make her lasting stamp on the music industry? 

The last season of her uBEr popular reality show Love & Hip Hop chronicled Olivia’s plights with signing the right record deal, maintaining her management team, problems with her mom, and her blatant disconnect from her still growing fan base, but we all know that Reality TV is the perfect blend of situational drama, which led us to want to dig deep into Olivia’s mind & find out her exact take on LOVE in all aspects of the term.

Photo credit: Piotr Sikora for VH1 NetworksThe world recently got to see more of Olivia thru the 2nd season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop…do you think that made the world love you more? 

Understanding the nuances of reality TV shows is that things are rarely as they appear. It is a harsh reality that they are not going to  always gonna depict you n a positive light.  I think I did ok. However, what was important to me was that I got to showcase my music.  With that I had to take on some of the drama and some of the shots at my character when in reality I’m not like the person that I was often portrayed to BE. It’s cool as you have to take the good with the bad. It is still a show and needs to BE enticing to viewers as they often say, “this isn’t a BEhind the music”.You and your manager Rich were depicted as having somewhat if a love/hate relationship regarding your career; what has transpired since the show aired?
There is definitely no love/hate relationship with Rich. I love Rich to death.  He has BEen a ride or die manager in every sense of the word. What you saw on TV was 2 people very passionate about my career and progress. In any working relationship, people are going to have differences in opinion. It is at that point that there is an opportunity for open and honest dialogue. Know that regardless of any disagreement, Rich is my BEstfriend. He’s stood by me through difficult moments and has BEen a source of strength since day 1.Your twitter Avi shows you hugged up with someone that looks very special, what tips do u have for our readers regarding love? 
Love comes with patience. However, we often ignore our inner conscience when we know things aren’t right. In those moments, it is BEst to just “Walk Away”.  No pun intended. Stay encouraged and know that God will put that special person in your life. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Photo credit: Piotr Sikora for VH1 NetworksYou stated that you were not all the way pleased with how the show represented you as an artist; what was the cause for the disconnect?
As an artist, the show made it seem like we were thirsty for a deal.  They chased the story line and BEat it into the ground. Yet,  in reality we’ve BEen BEing courted for about a year now and were waiting on the right deal. So with that said, my records have done well, my visuals have done well, and  the story was nowhere as gloomy as depicted on the show.  I guess their answer was that they needed to create a sense of urgency and connection. They thought that was the BEst way to do so.What are your Valentine’s Plans & what advice would you give people if they want to keep the VDay flames all month long?
I’m working and I’m on a mission to get back to where I want to BE.  Although, I’m going to enjoy the day. My birthday is actually the day after Valentine’s Day. My advice is to treat everyday like Valentine’s Day and appreciate the people who add value to your life. Always express your love, admiration, and appreciation.

What can fans expect from Olivia in the near future? 
Fans can expect new music from me. I am  dropping 2 mix tapes titled “BEauty and the BEast” with Fred the Godson and “From Olivia with Love” dropping on Valentine’s Day. The deal is all done. So expect a formal announcement from the laBEl. My new single”Walk Away” is doing very well on itunes and moving up the charts. Hopefully God willing the album will come this year to accompany season 3 of Love &Hip Hop. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @1andonlyolivia.

Like it or not, Olivia seems to BE creating a lane for herself to BEcome a staple in music right now, and hate it or love it, she has no plans of letting up anytime soon. Through all the crude twitter antics and those that share their obvious disdain for her, the great part about the scenario is that Olivia can really blow & has the pipes and the ability to change a few minds through her talent. We’re hoping that Olivia continues to open up and settle into her own so that she BEgins to command the LOVE that she deserves.
[Photo credit: Piotr Sikora for VH1 Networks]

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