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A body covered with torn cloth, smile hidden by pain, talents stifled by circumstance all leading to the undiscovered passion that runs through the veins of Tamecka Petty. I use these words to the paint the picture of a young lady that comes from very challenged background, full of turmoil and abuse. But through it all, she survived to become a woman of great promise and success. Tamecka is now the proud owner of CRAVE CupCake. Anchored in South Carolina, Crave is bringing sweet tasting and heart filled treats to the palettes of hundreds of patrons on a weekly basis. Tamecka did not allow her past to define her future by continuing to fight the demons and used those experiences as motivation. This is her story.

“I spent the majority of my childhood living in poverty surrounded by abuse, drugs, crime and death in the projects of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. My family moved to SC during my high school years and I finally began to feel a since of normalcy. Then it all changed when my mother went to prison for 10years. Things began to spiral once again and I made almost a decade of bad decisions. By the time I was 21, I was already in an abusive marriage with 2 kids. That was my excuse to get drunk and party daily, to escape my own reality. Before I knew it, I was right back in extreme poverty, reliving my childhood. After 2 years of being abused and being broke, I left with the kids, 2 grocery bags of clothes, and $64.00. I got a hotel week by week, and two jobs. In 2 months, I had an apartment and a raggedy little car.

From there, I started dating a drug dealer because he could give us a lifestyle I thought I always wanted; a nice house, car, and the kids had everything. Since he was meeting all of our desires and we were ok financially, I decided to go to nursing school to get my RN license. During this time, I also became a convicted felon. I went to jail for drug possession and was on house arrest for a year. He was also very controlling and abusive, but all of that was still ok to me because we were well taken care of. In my mind life couldn’t get any better because the kids had everything they wanted until my world got rocked and my dad suddenly died. I went into a deep depression, and lost my job at the hospital because I couldn’t function. I didn’t care about anyone or anything. One day I realized that I’d become exactly what I despised as a child, a worthless parent and a loser.

That woke me up and I started to get myself together. Since I declared I wasn’t worthy to be a nurse because in my mind I let my dad die, I got a job at a car dealership as a receptionist. I wanted to save all of my money to get away from this lifestyle. And during this time, I met someone that was so instrumental in me becoming the person that I am today. At that time he wasn’t really interested in me. I pursued him relentlessly until he was. He was the exact opposite of anyone that I had ever dated. He was kind, respectful, successful and a gentleman. He quickly got me back into nursing and helped me realize my worth. He was great with the kids. So I call him my “BIG” because he does big things and he’s big. Lol, a whole foot and 2” taller than me. Four years into the relationship, I started teaching myself to bake on my spare time. Soon I was baking all of the time, then the word spread that I was pretty good and I gained customers. After a year BIG said to me “Honey the electric bill is through the roof. LOL. I can see how much baking fill that void that you’ve always had. So, its time for you to step out on faith, stop building someone else’s dreams and build your own. Turn your passion into profit.” I was even more in love than ever and from there CRAVE CupCake was born. You can spot the bubble gum pink building ¼ mile down the road and the CupCake Car is always riding around. With over 50 flavors of CupCakes and specialty cakes, we have had great success so far. All of the cupcakes have special names that were chosen by my family: Double Chocolate is the Mean Big Brother, Vanilla is Dirty Blonde, Carrot is Roger Rabbit and Oreo is Ms. Michelle. After all of the bad decisions, mistakes, and turmoil, I still found redemption, true love, and success.” 

BE: What is it about baking that brings you joy?

Crave: Whenever someone eats a CupCake from Crave CupCake Boutique the look of satisfaction is priceless. I love knowing that someone could have had the worst day of the life and one bite of a cupcake can change his or her entire day.

BE: When did you know that you had the knack for bringing love through sweet treats?

Crave: When I baked something for “BIG” and he told me that he could taste the love and we had to figure out a way to let the world experience this. It was then that I found my gift.

BE: What would be your baker’s dream in the business?

Crave: To have Crave CupCake Boutiques all over the world. To be an international entity and recognized as the best Cupcakery in the world. I figure since I’ve won best red velvet in SC, I’m well on my way.

BE: What’s the favorite of your baked goods?

Crave: Red velvet is definitely my top seller. I sell anywhere from 1200-1500 red velvet cupcakes per week and about 10-15 red velvet cakes weekly.

BE: What treats do you suggest for V-Day?

Crave: I recommend – Double Chocolate Covered Cherry, Strawberry Supreme, White Chocolate Raspberry and Triple Chocolate. All of which are Very Sexy, which happens to be the name of the double chocolate covered Cherry cupcake at CRAVE.

BE: How should a customer feel once tasting your baked treat?

Crave: After having the CRAVE Experience my customers should feel like they just tasted a small bite of heaven.

BE: what sets your bakery apart from others in the business?

Crave: The thing that sets CRAVE apart from other bakeries is that we are fueled by LOVE. Love has been my saving grace. Love inspired me to take the chance and open the bakery. Love made it possible for me to have the bakery. All of my cupcakes have every ounce of Love that I have in me in them. LOVE made this possible.


For more information of Crave CupCake: www.1cravecupcakeboutique.com

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  • God is a good God!

  • Syrina Gray

    I am so proud of you my friend. I am happy that God has given you the strength, courage, and passion to overcome all challenges. I believe and pray that your story will be an inspiration to many women, men, girls and boys who has goals and dreams that they would like to go forth with; but circumstances are holding them back. GOD is truly amazing and I know that he will continue to bless you and your family through all your endeavors. Keep up the wonderful work. I’ve had the pleasure of tasting the cupcakes from Crave and I could truly taste the love. “I sure hope HEAVEN has some of those delicious cupcakes b/c that’s the place I’m working towards going when I leave this wonderful place called Earth, lol.”

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