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Lyfe Jennings is one of the few artists that are recognizable in just about any musical situation. His raspy voice has become known as the reckoning force behind hit songs such as “Stick Up Kid”, “Must BE Nice”, “Hypothetically”, and his latest single “Busy”. His vocal abilities still speak to his ever growing fan base in similar fashion to how he first wooed the known harsh crowd on “Showtime in Harlem (The Apollo)”. In fact, it’s the same voice that’s kept him an obvious favorite for his LAST four albums & the same voice that’s prepping him to go out with a huge bang for his upcoming final album.

The last time BE Magazine spoke with Lyfe Jennings (in July 2009), he explained that he was in the beginning stages of working on what would BE known as the final chapter in Lyfe’s album book, and it sounded funny, even then, to fathom that someone as loved and accepted as himself would take the Michael Jordan/Jay-z road and retire earlier than many a fan would expect & hope. While Lyfe instantly let us know that him releasing his final album definitely doesn’t mean that he’d be ending all of his musical endeavors, it was still difficult to find truth in him gracefully bowing out of the game. He even added fuel to the unbelievable fire by previewing songs for us that would prospectively make the project (we were one of the first ears privied to hear songs like “Superstar”, “Love”, “Like This” featuring Atlanta rapper Ludacris, his current single “Busy” (which we slated to BE his first single), and what then was going to be known as his title track “Sooner or Later”), which made his decision even more unrealistic.

With every action comes an opposite equal reaction, which is the real means BEhind Lyfe’s decision to bring his career as a performing artist to a halt. For quite some time, Lyfe has had more on his plate than just making hit records, he’s the man of the house for a special group of people that Lyfe has already begun to make his everything…his children. Life for Lyfe Jennings supersedes the plethora of hit songs he’s made and appeared on, the many awards and accolades that his scratch box voice has shown him, and the geographical locations charted by this R&B luminary known for delivering honest heartfelt love music that can bring the lowest of man out of the Burroughs of all unhopeful sorrow.

Check out our EXCLUSIVE one-on-one interview with Lyfe Jennings as he gets closer to the release of his final album I Still Believe.

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