Majic Massey – Bringing that Old School Back

A new soul originally from Chicago, made his way to Atlanta stamping his smooth R&B sound to our generation. Majic Massey is here & wants to be influential in merging the old with the new. His 2009 single “Chevy Sex” is making a big splash on radio airwaves, and instantly gave him the credibility to call himself an actual R&B artist. Majic first started in 2006 with “Devils Advocate” giving the world a small dose of his sound and what to expect from this upcoming artist; along with what he planned to bring to the ever growing massive R&B selection of artists. Growing up listening to Curtis Mayfield and Ronald Isley (just to name a couple) gave him the motivation to bring that old R&B sound back giving our new generation a taste of what it used to BE like. On the same roster as BE Up Next artists Krave and in the hands of major artist developer and mogul Devyne Stephens, there’s no telling how far Majic Massey will go to make each sound that he belts out an embedded print in our ears.

BE Magazine: Go ahead and kinda tell me how you stepped on the scene?

Majic Massey (MM): Well, this your boy Majic Massey by way of Chicago, I’m in the A’ now. I’m with Upfront Megatainment/Motown Universal; so all the big heads are involved.

BE Mag: So tell me the stamp you’re gonna put on the music and what you got coming up?

MM: I’m bringing that real R&B soul, you know that kinda soul like the performance track if it goes out I could still carry the crown. “I’m the voice”. I’m a young dude but bringing the old message.

BE Mag: When it comes to the music right now, we’re kinda in a Hip Hop oriented wave. What’s missing with the R&B, what do you plan on plugging in?

MM: What’s missing with R&B is Majic Massey. I’m here (laughing) just real R&B soul.

BE Mag: So who are some of the people that made Majic Massey who he is right now? Who you rocking with?

MM: Curtis Mayfield, Ronald Isley, Al Green. I listen to the old heads; when music was really beautiful. I’m bringing you back.

BE Mag: Obviously you’re on a good roster; you’re on Upfront with Krave, Devyne Stephens and all of them. How does it feel to say you’re with the hottest of the up and coming & with Devyne who’s infamous for making stars?

MM: I can say I was here in the beginning. Krave is like the new TLC, when I say they got, they got it…and I’m with Devyne Stephens. He is an A&R artist development guru, a blessing to work with Devyne Stephens.

BE Mag: Before I let you go but we are gonna have so much more coming up with you. Tell me your inspirations, where do you get your music from, are you writing, where do you pull from?

MM: I feel like God gives me my music, whether it’s R&B or pop because he doesn’t confuse my salvation from my occupation. I’m able to give out the soulful music and still give him the big-ups.

BE Mag: Tell the readers where they can hear your music.

MM: The Majic Man is everywhere BE Magazine is! They can hit me on Myspace, Yahoo Music, and of course BE Entertained Magazine!!! We’re world-wide! | 

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