Make Me Over with Tierra Burrell

“This premier professional make-up artist based in Atlanta, GA where she has emerged as one of the recognized authorities in the beauty industry. Her first  work in beauty and grooming began in 2001 when she obtained a position with Black Opal Cosmetics and Iman. She freelanced for MAC, Dior, Chanel along with a part-time job for Sephora.”

“While traveling throughout the country, she developed the unique ability to anticipate the fashion and beauty needs of women of every ethnicity. Tierra is most recognized for her different and diverse styles, as well as, her  unique cleanliness in  video shoots, photo shoots, fashion shows, and of course, weddings and other memorable events.”

“Acknowledged as a magnificent artist, she is flown in and constantly traveling the world for work. Tierra prides herself on being a professional in all situations, and is not satisfied until she has created the perfect look for her clients in every way!”

BE-Style: What made you choose the makeup industry or do you feel that the industry chose you?
TB: I honestly feel like I was chosen by the industry. I have a degree in Anthropology and Criminal Justice, which has nothing to do with makeup but I would sit around the office and speak with women on a daily basis about personal enhancements. Then I began to ask if they would like for me to try a little color on them; if they would let me do their eyebrows; or I would suggest products for their personal usage. With my dad being professional makeup artist, he would always send me makeup kits and tons of products which made it easy for me to know what was on trend in the industry. After a while, I was being asked to do the makeup for these women at various events and weddings; now I was getting paid for it outside of my every day job. When I figured there was a demand for these services, I thought “why not.” I could always go back to my profession if it didn’t work.

BE-Style: Who is your favorite type of client?
TB: Brides. I honestly love working with brides to give them a look of perfection during their special moment. It’s a day when the woman feels like she is on top of the world and I love to be able to assist in making her dreams come true.

BE-Style: How can one enhance their very own natural beauty?
TB: Literally, it is all about the bronzes, the brows, and a lip gloss. You don’t need too much of anything else. With having the right bronze, you can make it into a shadow and a blush to highlight certain aspects of the face.

BE-Style: Who would you hope to work with in the industry? Celeb or Campaign?
TB: Oh yes. On my bucket list, I would love to get one of those Dolce & Gabanna campaigns. Their spreads are always so eccentric, so eclectic, so completely out to of the box. When you see them, there is always so much to look at in just one photo. I would love to be able to be a part of their timeless moments.

BE-Style: What have you noticed to be on trend for fall?
TB: In regards to the shadows and lip colors, the blues were last year. This year, I am seeing a lot of dark colors – like purples and plums with a smoky eye. I’ve noticed the blushes are a shear to nude and pale colors.

BE-Style: Would you suggest the use of primers when applying makeup in the fall?
TB: Primers, more or less scare me. I don’t suggest using primers at all unless you want to maintain a look all day. Reason being, when wearing primers under a foundation, you have to be careful with the products you use and the length of time you keep it on the skin. They can actually cause irritations and cause breakouts. If this happens, there no real way to pinpoint what causes the breakout because you don’t know which chemicals are reacting. However, I do always use a lip primer to apply lipsticks or stains. I find the Urban Decay’s lip and eyelid primers to be the best products available and I live by them.

BE-Style: Some many women love a glossy lip, what is the proper way to apply gloss?
TB: I definitely suggest using it after-wards. You want to give the color that you’re using a gloss or shine and the only way you will achieve this effect is by applying the gloss after the lip color.

BE-Style: Does the color of one’s skin play an important role in the selection lipstick or stains?
TB: I don’t think that there are any rules anymore. It all depends on the look that you are going for as to your choice of color. Makeup does not have the same restrictions as fashion.

BE-Style: Is there an appropriate time for lighter or darker lip colors?
TB: I would say that the lighter colors are more appropriate for the daytime and the darker is more for the nighttime. People are just not used to seeing a bright orange or pink lip at night. But if were to see you in the grocery store, late at night, I would probably buy your eggs and say, WORK!

BE-Style: What are the trade secrets for applying shadow to your eyes and making it stay all day?
TB: It’s all in the brushes. You could actually go buy a $.50 (cent) shadow from Walgreens but do not use the sponge that comes with it. If you want it to last all day and have the best application, you will use a good brush to achieve it. “You cannot paint a masterpiece, if you don’t have the right tools.”

BE-Style: What can we expected to see if the near future from Tierra Burrell?
TB: I am launching a cosmetic line called, Actual Cosmetics – Actual MakeUpByTierra.

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