Mary Porter – House of Couture

The metropolitan city of Charleston has proven itself to be a force in the fashion industry over the last few days of the 4th Annual Charleston Fashion Week. Tonight, I had the amazing pleasure to witness the resurgence of Mary Porter’s House of Couture. Mary Porter is no stranger to the ever-changing industry as she celebrates over 30 years in the business. Ms. Porter has been designing since 1979 and opened her atelier is Charleston, SC where she offers consumers and consummate fashionista their very own resource to true Couture designs. While it was a privilege to speak with Ms. Porter, it was even more of an honor to see her passion displayed on the runway. 
After conversing with Ms. Porter, it was easy to see that she felt the need to stay true her talent of making garments by hand, the skills passed down to her by her mother. She paid tribute to the periods of the late 40’s and 50’s by showing what it really means to be classic, beautiful, and a lady with garments constructed of taffeta, silk, charmeuse, satin, and organza embellished with hand beading detail. For a moment, I thought that I was going to be bored with two-piece suits but Ms. Porter brought the element of surprise by presenting convertible gowns with detachable trains and adorned with feathers. It is clear why Mary Porter has earned her place as the go atelier for couture garments in Charleston. She truly has an ear and eye for what makes a women classy and sexy, all the while comfortable in her garments
To view entire collection: Mary Porter House of Couture

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