Mason Sylvester Presents New Urban Professional at New York Fashion Week

With an industry consumed with designers targeting the number one shopper, i.e. women, I was pleased to view the creatively masculine collection of designer Mason Sylvester. As an independent designer, Mason Sylvester continues on his path as a native of Charlotte, North Carolina & graduate of Howard University to now truly gifted menswear designer for the Urban professional. Keeping in mind that men also love to look well groomed and debonair, Mason Sylvester offers a wide range of separates and suiting for men conscious of the fact that Urban does not mean over-sized jeans and T-shirts. 

During New York Fashion Week ’12, Mason Sylvester delivered handcrafted garments that we well tailored to fit “real” men. Not just those that spend hours in the gym but men who are comfortable looking professional with the option of full suits. A collection a light weight wools sweaters trimmed with sequin cuffs, raw denim with perfect hemlines, vibrant colored tanks, and cotton blend trousers is truly one to make head way in this ever changing industry. I am truly excited about Mason’s future and BE wishes him well.

The vision of Mason Sylvester is to create exquisite handcrafted pieces with fine tailoring, vibrant colors, striking contrast, rich fabrics, and distinctive flavor for clientele that understand that “It’s knot just a look…it’s a lifestyle.”  – Mason Sylvester


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