Maurice Evans Hosts Converse ATL Open Gym

Maurice “Mo” Evans (Atlanta Hawks forward) showcased his passion for merging basketball, inner-city youth, with the art of charity and giving by participating in Converse ATL’s Open Gym over the weekend at BEST Academy in Atlanta. Mo Evans was involved in every aspect of the day’s activities from refereeing pick-up games, helping the kids take photo IDs, giving some of the kids new Converse kicks, and mentoring the kids about life BEyond sports.

The kids weren’t the only ones to receive fresh new sneakers, Sole Plus honored Mo’ Evens with his own pair of specially made Atlanta Hawks sneaks.

Sole Plus also had a booth that had kids decorating their own shoes, which was a definite highlight for the younger crowd.

Along with new pairs of the Evo (which haven’t even hit stores), participants also received free Converse jerseys to play in, and free haircuts while they waited to play.

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