The Majk that Is Mychael Knight


On this particular day, I didn’t know rather I would leave the office and drive over to Savannah to attend what would be my final lecture of the SCAD Lecture Series. I was bombarded with paperwork with millions of things to accomplish. So I made up my mind to not only go show support for a fellow aspiring artist, but I wondered what he would say to the students that honored him with a listening ear. Once I arrived, I found myself surprisingly captivated and impressed by the truthful words echoing the space in The Red Gallery from the mind and heart of Mychael Knight. The room was filled to standing room only, with students, writers, professors as Mychael spoke about his experience from childhood to the up and coming designer that he has become. He has definitely made a mark in the fashion industry and aspires to become an iconic figure.

In 2001, Mychael made the decision to move to Atlanta and work as an intern for a small specialty boutique. This is where he gained great experiences with the everyday functions of fashion. It taught him that fashion involves more than just illustrating a design but that fashion is a business. He conveyed to the audience, that you must not be afraid to work at the smaller fashion companies because this is where you will learn everything from merchandising and advertising to design and pattern making. This knowledge definitely changed his outlook on the industry and his career path. With Mychael being conscious of the fact that he did not want to work a regular 9-5, he had to think about what it was that he wanted. So he tried to find a way to make something out of nothing. He knew that Atlanta was the Mecca of the music industry and it was where he needed to be. In deciding to target that industry, he began to work with local record labels and artist. As a stylist, he was asked to pull clothing and bring them to video or photo shoots. So he came up with the idea of bringing his own designs on racks to the various assignments. This is how he became recognized for his talent and given the opportunity to expose the world to his designs. Mychael quickly began to design for artist such as Queen Latifah, Kelly Clarkston, and Jennifer Hudson.

Mychael stated, that he was watching television one night, saw an episode “Project Runway” and knew that he had to get one the show. So he tried out for the Miami casting and was turned down the first year with samples that he decide to present. He went back home to the drawing board evermore determined to create pieces that would get him on the show. The following year, Mychael went back to try out for “Project Runway” and made the cast. From that moment, his life would never be the same. This is where the national notoriety came in. With winning the Fan Favorite Award, Mychael was able to develop his own unisex fragrance called Majk. The fragrance is available online and at various boutiques in metro-Atlanta. He is continually working one-on-one with individual and celebrity clientele.

I hope that he has grown as a designer just as he has as a businessman. It seems that he has a grasp on the fashion industry and plans to introduce amazing designs to the fashion conscious woman of modelesque proportions. He did state, when asked during the lecture, that the plus size industry is an entirely other market and he would not being designing for plus sized women anytime soon, but that arena maybe something for him to pursue in the future.

Mychael ended the lecture with mentions of his intimate apparel line (Kitty & Dick) and upcoming debut of a new collection. Hopefully, BE-STYLE will be able to bring our readers an inside exclusive from the design room to the runway. I can’t wait to view the collections promised by Mychael Knight.





















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Special Thanks to: Frazer Spowart, SCAD Photograper & Ally Hughes, SCAD Media Relations

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