Editor's Note

As I do each month, I sit here to prepare the submissions for BE-STYLE and think about how I can relate the column’s topics to the direction of the overall issue. The BE-Mag Family is celebrating the hard work and tenacity of students that are realizing the payoffs of staying in school, working and learning their respective crafts, as well as those that are living their dreams. I can’t help but to think back through my years, of almost ancient history, in grade school. I remember so vividly, the first day of 2nd Grade. It is one those days that sticks out for me like soar thumb or shall I say a soar butt. Yes it is true; I got a spanking from Mrs. Bowman, my 2nd Grade teacher on the very first day of class for acting out. Those were the days when paddling was allowed in the school systems. How ironic is it that she was also my father’s elementary school teacher. He had given her permission to do whatever was needed to reprimand me while at school and to make sure I got my lesson. LOL… OMG… This issue is not about me. So, I digress…

Issue IX about the journey embarked upon by the leagues of students throughout academia as they move forward with everything that they have learned while attending institutions of higher learning. But for those of us that are always working to perfect our craft and do whatever is necessary to be the next Christian Lacroix or Ralph Lauren; the next Andre Leon Talley or Diana Vreeland, you are always a student, for everyday is a day to learn more and to become better. It is believe that with a good solid education, many and any of your dreams are possible. These amazing designs and creations that stem from the imagination of a student lend truth to these words heard hundreds of times along one’s path to a fulfilling career. I had the extreme privilege of witnessing the culmination of “SCAD STYLE” during the lecture series and annual fashion show extravaganza at Savannah College of Art & Design. Many of these designers will end up starting their own lines, working for a renowned fashion house, or try to make their dreams come true with exposure on national television show. With said, BE-Style welcomes the point of view of our newest contributor, Mr. Pedro Lebron.


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