It’s a beautiful Spring evening, the air is crisp with the scent of this seasons latest fragrance, the streets a lined with the hottest pairs of Ferragomo and Louboutin footwear. All of Savannah’s most elite and fashionable patrons of our ever-changing fashion industry showed up to see what the future holds in the next extraordinary designer(s). This years annual fashion show was an amazing experience to be had by all in attendance, all that were able to get tickets. It has been said that the show will sell out in less that 30 minutes. I was overly excited when I received the call from my dear friend, Dr. Antonio Cuyler, informing me that he some how managed to secure tickets to what would be my first SCAD fashion show. It was nothing short of astonishing from the beginning to the end and reception…

On May 16, the 2009 SCAD Fashion Show featured the works of more than 50 aspiring and talented fashion seniors. From the moment I sat to witness the Performance Lumiere (The Opening) choreographed by Mr. Vincent Brosseau, it seemed as if my eyes were transfixed to the stage. I found myself overwhelmed with excitement for what was about to take place. After the performance, the evening just keep getting better, out walks J. Alexander “Ms. J”, whom was commissioned to coach the models on the proper Runway walks. Then Paula Wallace, SCAD’s President and Co-Founder, along with the Iconic Andre’ Leon Talley, Editor-At-Large of Vogue Magazine, presented the Andre’ Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement award to Ruben and Isabel Toledo. At this moment, everything in my life just stood still as my true passion was ever more solidified by tonight’s events and talents.

My special thanks Dr. Antonion Cuyler for allowing to experience such a memorable evening of  magical majestic manipulation of fabrics and art.

Lifetime Achievement Presentation: Ruden & Isabel Toledo  

The Runway Show: Part 1Part 2Part 3 …. additional coverage available @ SCAD TV

Speical Thanks to: Frazer Spowart, SCAD Photographer & Ally Hughes, SCAD Communications-Media Relations 

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