Mauricio Alpizar’s S/S 2013 Collection

As a woman’s figure can be made beautiful by endorning amazing creations which gain inspiration from many of the wonderful world we live in, designers look to these eras, destinations, & experiences to find a small glimpse into what their next collection will reveal. Australian born designer, Mauricio Alpizar found his inspiration for the SS13 collection from a small winged Sakata insect from the coast of his home country.

A collection of original textiles created by Mr. Alpizar truly was a vision of great beauty and whimsy yet simple enough for the garments to BE worn with ease. ” My designs are made for the sophisticated women, the women that wants for feel happy and free and confident. A woman that wants to stand in place but have on something I’ve lined and constructed is truly an honor. I also use my designs to support kids in orphanges, and provide jobs at the factories in Indoneshia. All of the teams are like my family cause we believe in giving an opportunity for jobs not in sweat shops and receive fair wages.” – Mauricio Alpizar


4 Replies to “Mauricio Alpizar’s S/S 2013 Collection”

  1. what a joke when YOU KNOW that you EXPLOIT them paying less than a 60 cents a day…
    Your a FAKE not designer…

    1. I can personally vouch that Mauricio knows all of the workers in his factory by name. He eats lunch with them Daily Whilst on long regular trips just a short distance away to the closest large city from our home in Western Australia.

      This so called ‘not designer’ hands on create his patterns, designs and prints with care with skills learnt over a life time of growing up in a tailoring family in Costa Rica. He has first hand knowledge of the industry wide exploitation and pays accordingly.

      Indonesia Happens to be one of the fastest growing economies in asia and I can assure you there are much cheaper places to manufacture if quality, craftsmanship & the local relationships we have in the balinese textile cottage industry were not of paramount importance.

      I don’t think he’d be my fiancé if I knew him to exploit workers like the big main street fashion brands do. Global trade does’nt have to be cruel and the best way to ensure you trade fairly is to go there and know your supply chain.

      In short “wind it in” if you have no knowledge of what your talking about.

      1. Ohhh so your prenup fiance Number… Mmm let me guess 7? So you have been in the picture for as little as 60cents…seconds and now you want to plug him. What are his qualifications???…Anyone can grab a frock, pattern or hand me downs from copied materials found in letterbox pamphlets or skip bins only to keep exploiting children as slave labour to make fast buck…Why doesnt he employ Australians???

  2. So the fake designer that moved from Costa Rica after living in poverty, lived in Sydney waiting tables and advertising himself as a male escort, has now bought a house to continue to exploit and so consign the children of Indonesia into the destitute life he lived in. POVERTY bought to you by the WANNABE designer Mauricio FRAUDSTER…

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