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Andrew J. Rainey is a writer with his first debut novel titled “The Book of Lies, Mistrust, and Mistakes.” Prior to Andrew starting his writing career, he spent over 4 years working as a correctional Officer. His novel “The Book of Lies, Mistrust, and Mistakes” was published in 2011, and has since entertained thousands of people with street life, envy, revenge, and greed. Andrew J. Rainey’s second novel is titled “Love From A Basketball Player” released in mid 2012. In his current novel Andrew talked about falling in love with a professional Athlete.After dating for a while, Andrew discovered the person he was the person he was dating was married, with two kids . 

He realized the only way to get his frustrations out were to put them in writing and there BEgan his career as a writer. His Grandmother Emma, who is no longer living, was one of his major supporters and sources of inspiration when he realized his passion for writing. . As Andrew continues to promote his current works, he is in the process of turning his books into a screenplay which should BE a very interesting movie. He is also planning the release of his new novel, a thriller filled with suspense and drama to BE release in later 2013. 

To Celebrate his success and introduce new projects to his future and current , he is inviting everyone to his officialMeet and Greet Networking Mixer in Atlanta,Ga  Sunday March 17,2013 Andrew Rainey Book Signing and Networking Event (<<<Click Here to rsvp)


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