Meet the Cast of Tha Life Atlanta

Atlanta is infamous for it’s gay culture and community & now the entire world will get their taste. Tha Life Atlanta is an upcoming reality show that showcases the lives of 5 gay black men living in Atlanta.

Over the weekend, we got invited to a private reception at Club Europe to view the reel for the show; while this definitely steps outside of the typical “heels & handbags” gay stereotype, it’ll leave lots of people talking about how they get down in Atlanta. BE ready for the drama, fierce altercations, and a bunch a FABULOUSNESS! Princess Banton-Lofters (Executive Director of Real Housewives of Atlanta) has jumped on board, so we’re extra excited to see how the show unfolds with her expertise.

Meeting the cast was really dope! They all come from different walks of life including Dr.’s, dancers, and professional clubbers, but the one thing that they all have in common (BEsides BEing gay males) is that they are all extra FAB!!! Just wait & see….

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  1. I don’t like these kind of shows so my comment will not be on content, as I feel this show like ever show is a bad representation of this lifestyle in ATL. My real problem, is in the production. There are a number of people they could have consulted with. Am I salty they did not choose me to work on production maybe but it does not change the fact they they did not do produce quality work. The lighting, sound were not the quality it should be. Even if this was basic it should have been done in the best basic they had to offer. I feel it wasn’t

    1. I definitely see why you feel like that! It’s a research issue! U gotta get the BEst portions of a city to work on a huge project like this. But then again…we know the who’s who in ATL & I’d like a little more diversity in the cast. That’s just my opinion tho…I’m not even sure I’m supposed to give one! LOL

  2. I would watch the show but I sincerely hope it’s not your typical stereotypical depiction of the bad side of gay life in ATL. We have enough shows showing the world what people THINK is going on in the city and it does not for the ones that live normal 9 to 5 lives. We don’t need another show feeding straight folks negative opinions about who we might or might not be!!! On a side note….get your money girls…..I’m not slick hating! *I’m just saying*

  3. To be honest with you two of the guys I know the rest I am trying to see who they are. There are better choices. There is an editor of another magazine with numbers that could have fit perfectly. His best friend who is a doctor a little more elite. There should have been a Gay Pastor from one of the Affirming church’s here in the city, but who am I. No research at all.

  4. OK. BEing that I am the Fashion/Style Editor, I must first comment on just that… What is George wearing? And Why? It my very well BE stylish and event appropriate, however, it is NOT body appropriate. Maybe it’s the camera but I don’t think it was the BEst for him. The others guy do look well coiffed.
    As far as the show. I am hoping that it does more than bring light to the “night life” of ATL, but BQ’s with heels and pumps, and the infamous sex shenanigans. I see the Cast is well-rounded and seemingly successful. I surely BE on the judges panel, waiting to give it my TENS or CHOP.

    1. Give the show a chance to air and view a few episodes before passing any judgement.. Its a show with a diverse group of black gay men form varying backgrounds who actually are indicative of many of the brothas you would meet in black gay america.. Its a series first and everyone has an opinion.. If you think you could have done a better job than put your money where your mouth is and pitch an idea.. bankroll it.. or shut up and let the brave ones who took the leap take a shot at it.. it cant be any worse than having to watch them queens on the a-list.. Shine my brothas on “the Life” shine..

  5. CONGRADULATIONS!!! The show idea is great but the casting director needs to be fired or the show’s concept needs to be changed. Fabulous, Successful, Well Connected, Influential, Respected these cast members are not! I say this with confidence being a person on Atlanta’s “A’’ List Register, that these cast members are FRAUDS! YES!!! People, we have a Gay Social Register here in Atlanta that we take very serious and if I’m not mistaken majority of these men are registered C & D members in Atlanta’s Black Gay Society. Terrance Magee is the only true “A’’ list member on this show…Mayor (Crown Prince) he is. Please note that Terrance and I hate each other but the truth is truth.

  6. this shit will never be in the making for what who cares about 5 gay men in atl ga we dont get over it be gay and do you makes no since to make a talk show about 5 gay faggots..thanks bye bye

  7. this show will never make history another late budget production and the cast could have been much much better if you ask me and other members of my crew which is like 150 at least so good luck and try another cast that is more of an A-list here in atl ga because those guys are not and one does male lip singing at a gay bar called the jungle and that makes him a A-lister lmao thats crazy ass hell and not to mention that so called doctor isnt really a Licensed doctor here in atl damn shame do your homework tv networks well i know for a fact bravo,logo,vh-1 will not pick this show up at all. so good luck just do yall stuff on youtube and post thats your best goal…

  8. I’m not knocking what you guys are doing, I’m just giving you some technical advise. As a broadcast television professional, I saw 5 jump cuts, I went back to check them just to make sure. Jump cuts are just bad editing, very amateur looking. The graphics can also use some work and the lighting needs tweaking. I don’t know who did the production and post, but to put a good visual product out, rather it’s through a production company or a freelance production crew, you need to have individuals who are technical inclined and creative with a good eye for transitional continuity. A Technical and Creative Adviser is a good investment, these are people with extensive experience and skills in production. I have 20 years under my belt, so I know what I’m talking about. Sometimes you can get the same person to do both. Other than that it will pass…… but for broadcast it needs an upgrade. Now this of course is better then watching over the top dramatic queens that was shoved down peoples throats (no pun intended) on the A List NY. I think A List Atlanta has a good concept and those guys are brave to put their business out to the public. However, I would rather see more masculine gay men in shows like this. Don’t listen to the “nay sayers”.

  9. Please, you guys need to check out the people who are being considered for this show. Now if you want a english speaking, no shit taking, intellectual smart ass gay Atlantian, who’s not a fake, then hit me up;, been here in Atlanta since 1990, and know it quite well, the good, the bad and the ugly. Black/Italian, fun, good heart, crude sense of humor, and real. Masculine here, happily partnered, which is a rare thing is this fucked up town. Some love me, some hate me, but usually the ones who hate are the ones who dislike light-skin men who speak proper English for some insecure ignorant reason. Anywho, take care, and contact me if you want the real deal, and not wannabees.

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