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Taking a stand in the community by gathering groups of little ones for a youth symposium summit at the True Worship Christian Fellowship Church on Saturday, March 15th shows that there are still genuine people in this world. Food and games were available for kids and families to enjoy. BE Magazine’s very own Editor in Chief Jason Dinsmore (J.Write) was invited to speak to the youth, in efforts to encourage them to stay on the right track.

Events such as these are often hosted by Dr. and Mrs. Reverend Clifton Dawkins along with the church community. The most common event known to BE hosted by them is their weekly feeding of the homeless in downtown Atlanta. “We feed about 300 brothers and sisters in the streets of Atlanta each week and have BEen doing that for 8 years,” says Rev. Dawkins. Rev. Dawkins, whose upbringing was mostly in poverty, knows much about the impact of BEing homeless and hungry on the streets. He eventually wanted to BE apart of the change around him. “God put it in my spirit that when I was able to, I would make an impact in feeding and caring for what the word of God says.”

These same morals could BE seen growing up with First Lady Debra Dawkins as her mother also fed others using her own resources. “My mother was a single parent and even though she never had a job, God blessed her with one of those pots that fed the community,” First Lady Dawkins proudly recalls. “I learned at a very early age that you’ve got to give in order to receive.” Partnering with organizations such as BE Entertained Magazine, their church often hosts large scale events in attempts to let those out on the streets know that people have not forgotten about them. These events usually include food, clothes, and health screenings all FREE to the public. It is a very humbling experience for the reverend and first lady. “We BElieve in supporting the community,” First Lady Dawkins said. “This is what God has put in our heart and when you’re blessing other people, you’re BEing blessed.” Rev. Dawkins agrees and shares that “it’s basically what you can do to help someone else and that’s our greatest motive on earth that at the end, we can say we did help someone on this journey.”

The Mission of TWCFC  is to “feed the children of God spirituality and physically while demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ” True Worship Christian Fellowship Church is always accepting food and clothing donations to be given to people who need them the most and they are located at 1776 Sylvan rd Atlanta GA,30310. Their service hours are Monday for Bible study and worship and Sunday morning at 11am for worship. Special thanks to Thank you. Dr. Clifton Dawkins and . Rev. Debra . Dawkins for welcoming BE Magazine into their home of worship.

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