Mel Hunter – MakeUp Artist

 “Mel Hunter, a celebrity Makeup Artist from Birmingham, Alabama, has the Atlanta beauty game on smash! As the Lead Makeup Artist for Kontrol Magazine, Mel has painted the faces of countless celebrities, including Melyssa Ford, the lovely ladies of Cherish, and Teyana Taylor. This makeup diva comes highly recommended by celebrity photographers, Derek Blanks, Allen Cooley, and Drexina Nelson. If you ask Mel how she rose to glam fame so quickly, she will respond, “I just love making women look beautiful, and everything else comes with it”. With her hard work, humble spirit and superb creative talent, Mel’s success is well-deserved…” 


BE-Style: How did you get your start in the make-up industry?

KM: “It had to be God; it had to be my destiny.” While in college, I was working at the MAC counter. Upon graduating, I decided to move to Atlanta to do what I loved. I graduated with a degree in Psychology but it was not my passion. My game plan was to move to Atlanta and make things happen and it just worked out in my favor.


BE-Style: In reviewing your credentials, I noticed that you’ve had to the opportunity to work with the talented and BE-Style feature artist, Derek Blanks. How was that experience for you?

KM: It was such pleasure to work Derek because of the caliber of photographer that he is. He is an amazing photographer that works and creates pieces of art. I guess his eye is just different and true. In my opinion, he is a painter.


BE-Style: What products are you partial to using when working with different skin types?

KM: I personally like to use MAC products because of the training I received while working at the make-up counter but I also like Makeup Forever and Nars products as well. These lines are available in many major retailers and easily meet a customer’s needs to enhance a women’s natural beauty.


BE-Style: What methods would you suggest when applying make-up during the summer months?

KM: I think they should keep it light this summer, with the use of bronzers and mascara. I don’t think heavy applications will work this summer. I suggest that women use the powders, mineralized powders, and again, bronzers.


BE-Style: What shadows, do you think will be prominent for this summer?

KM: I think we will see shades of peach and gold also a pop color like turquoise, lime green, and light blues.


BE-Style: I know that you’ve noticed the “throw-back” trend in fashion, have you noticed that request from many of your clients?

KM: OMG! I couldn’t tell you how my times I’ve been asked to the “Marilyn Monroe look,” 50 inspired looks and even the pin up girl.


BE-Style: Many women have started to wear false lashes or at least showing some interest in lashes. How do you feel about using weave-bonding glue when applying false lashes?

KM: PLEASE, do not use hair glue when putting on false lashes, there are some really great products out there to use.


BE-Style: Do you suggest using primers during the summer months?

KM: Women should definitely purchase primer during this time of year. You don’t want sweating or the elements to cause the makeup to crease in the summer heat.


BE-Style: What are your hopes for your career in the industry?

KM: Well this is something that I plan to do for the rest of my life. It is my hopes to have my work live on even after I leave this world. As a makeup artist, we read books on Kevin Aquan and Sam Fine and that’s wha
t I want for me about 10-20 years from now.


BE-Style: Any last advice for women while they shop for summer makeup essentials?

KM: I will say – concealer is everything. Make sure that you find that right concealer for your skin tone. And ladies, “make sure we keep the eyebrows looking pretty.” The eyebrows actually frame the face so there is no reason not to have the perfect brow. I don’t think that women with thin brows should not shave them off then fill in that area by drawing with eyeliner. There are many products such as the MAC eyebrow pencil that offers different shades and a great texture for eyebrow enhancement. When shopping for summer makeup and shadows, please consult a professional to ensure you are getting the best product for your money. Don’t just purchase what you see in magazines or on celebrities as these products may not work out for your skin type or skin tone.   

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