MeMpHitz: A Man of Many Wonders

Mickey “MeMpHitz” Wright is one of the musical mysteries that sometimes stumps you, but ultimately that makes sense at the end of the day. His talent can’t really BE questioned, but we all know the story of how someone gets a bad rap, but we’ve yet to hear they’re side of the story, so you’re only left to imagine what’s BEhind the person.

As of lately, MeMpHitz has opened up about his love of music (and film), and about the past and current ties to love, including his past relationship with our former cover artist K.Michelle & his recent engagement to Antonia “Toya” Carter. “I didn’t really intend on BEing in the music business, but it kind of just stumbled upon me; thank God I was always a lover of music.Back in Memphis, I always would talks about doing an array of things that had to do with the entertainment industry or anything to get me out of there, & once my reality kicked in & I moved to New York, and I started wanting to learn about the boards and what everything was on the mixers. I found out there was a school for it, and one I made that move and got into the school, I checked out an internship list with my counselors and saw Arista Records on there. My counselors tried to warn me that Arista was more of an office job, and that I had just went to school for engineering, but something told me that if I got in that building, I’d lead the way from there. When I first went in the door, it felt like I was walking into my destiny. I learned the business & especialy learned how to BE needed in the office; I waited for my time to shoot & I shot hard, but now I really want to dabble in the movies. I think I want to add that to my musical repertoire.”

MeMpHitz is known in the book as a capturing artists that are certified hit-makers. He’s responsible for crafting the careers of stars like T-Pain & K.Michelle, who he still credits to BE something special in music & a gift from GOD. MeMpHitz has grown from BEing a hit chaser to chasing hit artists that can actually create a collection of hits.

MeMpHitz is also the CEO of his own company Do Work Enterprises which consists of him stepping out on his own. He’s branching out from his long time partner Hitz Committee, and is on a mission to look for the next age of younger artists that will make a huge splash in the industry. He’s excited to get back in the streets and find ordinary people and give them an opportunity to shine whether it’s in music, film, or even fashion.

When MeMhitz isn’t putting in quality work as the VP of A&R at Jive Records and getting his CEO on with Do Work Enterprises, which also consists of writing movies and shows, he’s going hard for his kids and his fiancee Toya. “Oh yeah, she’s about to BEcome Mrs. Antonia Wright. One of these days, I can’t really tell you when, but it’s coming. She’s the love of my life. I talk to her every day and night, and I’m ecstatic about her having another numBEr 1 show. Sometimes she gets a little nervous about her dreams, and I’m just her support system. She supports me, I support her & we’ve got each other’s back. You know what they say, BEhind every strong man, there’s a strong woman, and we’re honestly friends. I’m just in the right place. BEtween the kids and the things we do as a family, it’s just all love.”

MeMpH has learned to take the negative with the positive and has had his fair share of media bashing from some of his past mistakes. “I’ve always moved to my own tune. I’ve always liked to watch people watch me. I know they have nothing to do with my life, even though they think they do. I vow to a higher power. They think they’re watching me, but I’m really watching them & I’m very entertained. I’ve seen the different sides of me & I know that I’m really a family man at heart. People make mistakes & life changes & things happen, but as long as you’re living a happy life, and make sure you have joy, you’ll find something to live for.”

MeMpHitz is definitely a dreamer that wants the positive things in life to shine, he’s on a new direction & is hoping to right all of his wrongs while he’s on his path of greatness.

MeMpHitz Latest Projects:

*Key Swag 3000 – 7 year old Rapper – Milwaukee, WI – @KeySwag3000

*Kourtney Hart – 17 year old Urban Pop Singer – New Orleans, LA

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