Men’s “on trend” Report

As the season change and one of the warmest summers I’ve experienced come to an end, we embark on my favorite time of the year. The months of fall are here and it’s a time when men are able to experiment with their personal styles. We now have the ability to add on layers of clothing and accessories to create masculine and debonair looks. I reached out to our BE-Style Wardrobe Consultant, Molleshia Robinson for the “on trend” report.

The tie once known to be worn by the law professor or scientist has made it’s way on the collars of very trendy and fashion conscious men.. The bow-tie is so in right now and every one is rocking it. We are seeing it in many different colors on the every day guy and from dressy to casual. The everyday guy is rocking this little accessory.

The sweater vest has never left us but it different is being revamped with harder and a more edgy take on it. This option can be worn with baseball caps, sneakers, and a relaxed pair of denim.

The presence of plaid and denim shirts are back in many different patterns and colors. You no longer see just the All-American blue and green plaids but now we are witnessing yellows, reds, pinks, etc. These colors were not always favored by men but this time around we have a masculine take on color and its wear-ability. Denim shirts are every and not just in grey or black. Designers are offering light and dark hues of the long sleeve shirt.

The military influence is still very prevalent in fall trends. Army green is showing up as a color of many garment, the military jacket is still a huge trend, and cargo slacks are making come back. I believe Gap did it best a few years ago!

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