Men's Wear – Not So Hot

     As the summer quickly approaches, a man’s personal perception of what is trendy and/or fashionable is sometimes up for question. Year after year, we see men leaving their homes with the notion that he is representing his best self or maybe he doesn’t even really think about it. Regardless of the frame of mind, there is no time like the present to become aware. In this day and time, every fabric or texture one choices to adorn his body, is left to the perception of the lookers on. It is a fact that people make up their minds about you in the first 30 seconds of meeting you and most of that is based on your personal appearance. Sometimes this is a good thing and many stand back in admiration of his personal style. Then you have those that I personally want to run into the closest full line male retailer and make him over. Unfortunately, it is also true that in this day and age, if you were to approach someone the wrong way, you might just catch a charge. (Smile)… And for that very reason, BE Style has decided to give a few pointers on what is NOT the ideal apparel for this summer’s fashion conscious man.

1. Loose Fitting Clothes – Try to make sure that your clothes fit properly. Many cities are passing into LAW, the rules against “sagging” and I would hate to have you receive a citation because you were not forewarned. Clothes that are to loose tend to look sloppy and not very becoming of a young man or grown man, for that matter. The Lil Wayne effect is over!

  2. Socks & Sandals – A lot of men hate having their feet exposed, well wearing crew socks with Birkenstocks are not the answer. If you find it necessary to wear sandals in the spring or summer months, please do so without the socks. This is definitely one of the most serious fashion mistakes made by men everywhere. We are in the times of confident men getting pedicures, cutting their toe nails, and wearing enclosed loafers. The sock & sandal combo not only cuts off the length of the leg but takes away from the overall look and makes you looked aged. (as seen on the front page)

3. Short sleeve shirts with a tie – This is a bad idea. By wearing a long tie with a shirt sleeve shirt, it does nothing for the proportions of the male torso. If you must, please wear a small bow tie with the short sleeve. This will elongate the torso and also bring the attention upward to the face and neck.

4. Unflattering denim shorts – The day of high waist denim shorts have come to a screeching halt and fashionably so. As with all of your apparel, you must be conscious of the fit and style of shorts you choose to wear during the summer months. The trick is to make the legs look leaner, longer, and in some cases more muscular which can be accomplished by wearing shorts that stop either right above or slightly below the knee caps. The effect will be more attractive to those admiring your personal style as well as complimenting to your body.

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