Mic-check ‘Luv Hurts’ [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Atlanta rapper Mic-check has been buzzing around the indie scene for the past few years but has generated most of the buzz from his self-released mixtape “WHAT Part of the Game is THIS?!!” which has caught the attention of national and international industry elites. The first single off the mixtape “Luv Hurts” is gaining momentum here in the states and in the UK as well.

For more info on Mic-check Go to MiccheckATL.com or NhoodwatchATL.com where u can also download  “WHAT Part of the Game is THIS?!!” ….be on the look-out for Mic-check’s next project “Jus’shuddup’n listen” slated to drop 4th quarter. It’s safe to say that Mic-check is ready for the game and what it has to offer. Shoutout to Neighborhood Watch!

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