Miguel: All He Wants Is You

Miguel has BEen under the BE Magazine radar since we first saw him perform in Atlanta for ATL Live on the Park, and since then we’ve met and talked with him lots while he’s BEen on his debut journey. Miguel is definitely the million dollar man, scoring lots of notoriety on his first album and touring the world with heavy hitting superstars like Usher, Mary J Blige, and Trey Songz. Miguel has no plans of stopping anytime soon, so we had to follow up with him to see what’s next on his plate.

BE Magazine: I’m sitting on the line with one of BE Magazine’s favorite dudes. What’s crackin man?

Miguel: I’m just waking up man, what’s up with you?

BE Magazine: Well, I know you’ve BEen on the road, so rest is a good thing. How’s everything coming on the road?

Miguel: It’s BEen phenomenal. I’ve just BEen working hard getting this show together. I had a really great opportunity to open up for Trey & Usher, and that was such a great learning experience, so I’m taking what I learned there & kinda going out on my own for a little while. I’m just really focused on making sure we put together a great show.

BE Magazine: That’s definitely dope! Congratulations on the growth. So in retrospect, what’s kind of that key difference BEtween BEing an opening act vs a headliner?

Miguel: Ummm, the money! (Laughs hysterically). I’m just playing. I think the biggest thing is more of a perception thing. It doesn’t really change much for me [BEcause] I went out there every night during each one of  the tours I was on, BEfore that it was Mary [J. Blige], and for those 10-15 minutes I felt like I was the headliner. It’s more about, or the biggest difference for me, was how many people are there, versus how many people are late. You know how black folk are. You know how we go.

BE Magazine: Of course I know how it goes, but you know what it is for us black folks? It’s a traffic thing…we always get stuck in traffic BEfore the BIG show…yup, all of us. It’s traffic, not a black thing. (laughs)

Miguel: (laughs) I know how it is man, I BE late to shows I want to go to all of the time, but it’s not good.

BE Magazine: How has the success of your album BEen? I know you previewed it for media a while ago & we loved it…and you loved it even more. So how’s it BEen, are you still bumping it as much as you were BEfore?

Miguel: I still love it, I just have less time to catch stuff. I think I’m so consumed. I was just telling my people at JIVE…I do like 12 hour rehearsals for just about 5 days, so that’s really BEen the focus of my existence. I really want the show to BE the BEst, so I don’t really have time right now to catch too much of like video or radio. I’m always excited to hear my songs come on, or when someone hits me on twitter saying “yo, a Miguel song was just on…”, so it makes me proud to know I’m on the radio or whatever video station is playing me.

BE Magazine: I know you’re working hard on prepping for greatness, but BEfore I let you go, is there anything you want to put out there for the fans?

Miguel: Thank you for tuning in (always). We’ll BE in a city near you very soon with a really REALLY great show, and a lot of memorable moments. It’s a very special tour BEcause it’s all hand picked venues & it’s meant to BE very intimate. It’s a good chance for those that may have liked my music, but aren’t too familiar with me to really get to know me BEtter. I promise you won’t BE disappointed. Come out, it’s the “All I Want Is You Tour”. For more on me visit MIGUELUNLIMTED or OFFICIALMIGUEL.com or you can alway check me out on twitter @MigMoney

BE Magazine: We appreciate the time & look forward to reviewing your show.

Miguel: Photo Credit - Kenneth Cappello

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