Miguel- ART DEALER CHIC VOL.1: Reviewed



  Miguel forces you to crave every desire he possesses when he sings about his love for a particular woman on his latest 3 track teaser entitled, “Art Dealer Chic Vol.1”.  Miguel captivates you with the sounds of a drowned out bass, escalading over smooth crooning, while dangling the lover next to you off nothing more than a sweet substance called “Adorn”.  This EP tells a story that leads to a tune that could possibly lead to a wild and subtle lap dance with, “That I do (FTRMX)”. Finishing off with an illuminated glory, he presents, “Gravity”. How elevated are you willing to BE? Find out below, and download his EP for free! 

Download HERE: http://www.datpiff.com/Miguel-Art-Dealer-Chic-Vol1-EP-mixtape.319982.html

Written By: Lola B. / @YoungGriot

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