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In the world of interior design, Mikel Welch has become known for his artistic and intuitive take on ways to convert blank canvas into a livable space. This young visionary is making impressive strides along his journey through the world of interior design. A native of Southfield, MI, Mikel earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Morehouse College in May 2002. Upon graduation, he took on a corporate role with Storehouse Furniture in the Inventory Control Division. Mikel, quickly began to develop interest in a more artistic arena with Storehouse and enrolled in the Design Certification Program with the Interior Design Society (IDS). While at Storehouse, Mikel assisted with the Oprah Winfrey Show, Extreme Home Makeover and Queer Eye photo shoots.

With the restructuring of Storehouse in 2006, he joined an Atlanta based interior design firm where he had the opportunity to serve as a Design Assistant with high end residential and commercial projects. As a Design Assistant, Mikel formed meaningful relationships with clients, developers, architects and builders. In 2007, Mikel branched off and launched the grand opening of Dwell Interior Design Solutions. The following year, Mikel and his staff launched there second location in New York City. Mikel states “ Dwell Interior Design Solutions is a customer focused firm. We strive to breakdown the negative labels of the overpriced and overbearing interior designer. Our goal is to bring each customer’s unique vision to life, because ultimately they have to live with the design. I believe design should be simple and affordable.”

BE-Style: What are tips for couples merging lifestyles to one space?

MW: When merging lifestyles, it’s important that both personalities be present in the home. The main goal is for both partners to feel at home. (1)Decide on a color pallet that works comfortably for you both (2) collectively agree on the core pieces of furniture (i.e. sofas, dinning table, beds, etc.) (3)Select art work and accessories that reflect both lifestyles.

BE-Style: What decorating advice would you give to couples fusing masculine and feminine design ideas?

MW: To ensure that one lifestyle doesn’t over shadow the other, choose a non descript design style. A key element will be your selections of furniture and accessories that aren’t gender specific. In design, color generally dictates the masculine or feminine overtone of a piece. So, try to stray away from bright feminine pastels or dark masculine colors. With furniture, make sure all paired pieces have a balance of fabric such as a microfiber sofa paired with a leather side chair.

BE-Style: How should couples go about choosing the basics, from carpet to wall color?

MW: Choose your wall colors carefully, as this will set the tone for the room. Most couples are looking for versatility and I suggest opting for neutral wall colors for your main walls and choosing a punch of color for the accent walls. This will easily allow you to switch out or add accessories at a later date. Try to incorporate flooring that picks up on all of the colors of your room. When choosing carpet or rug selections, make sure to take into consideration the amount of foot traffic your room will incur. For heavy traffic areas, select blended or darker colors that will hide stains. Your carpet or rug color should ultimately bridge together your furniture and wall colors.

BE-Style: Where do you find inspiration when starting from a blank canvas?

MW: I tend to let the space dictate the overall design. I like to take an assessment of the room’s natural focal points such as large windows, fireplaces or unique architecture and accentuate these features. 

BE-Style: How would you describe you design aesthetic?

MW: I treat each project differently according to the clients’ individual needs. Overall, I’d describe my design style as clean and minimalistic with elements from the outdoors. I like to find alternate ways to use products that invoke conversation and thought.

BE-Style: What are your favorite design elements when working on a project?

MW: My favorite design elements are the room accessories. Accessories allow you to truly express your creativity. I find the most rewarding feeling when I find pieces that truly encompass the theme of the room.

BE-Style: For those that are like me, still single, what are some new design trends that we should look for?

MW: Some style trends to watch out for are Flor ®Carpet Tiles, which allows you to design a rug of any size and choose the pattern. Best of all, if you get bored with any color, you just remove a few titles and replace them. No commitment at all! Another design trend to follow are Lucite furniture pieces. Lucite is great because of it’s see through nature which allows you to have versatility any many rooms without the worry of colors clashing.

BE-Style: Are you a fan of crown molding or Wayne’s coating? 

MW: This honestly depends on the style of the home. Crown molding is great because its classic and works with most design styles. Wayne’s Coating works better in more traditional or formal settings. 

BE-Style: Many homes have huge living/commons areas, what are some tips in filling the space without clutter or to much “what-not”?

MW: The greatest tip I can suggest is appropriate space planning. Try to find pieces that match the scale of the room. Once you’ve selected these pieces, outline them on your floor with painters tape to get a feel for the flow of the room. Most larger homes come equipped with beautiful ceiling to floor windows. Don’t forget to accentuate the windows with eye catching drapery panels that will assist in warming these larger spaces. Finally, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Stray away from generic 7 piece furniture sets. Every home is different, so not all sets can work in every design. Opt for individual pieces that allow adequate space planning and provide character to your home.

BE-Style: Is there anything that you would like to share with I readers? 

MW: I’d like to tell everyone to make design fun! The next time you’re shopping, pick up any item and try to find as many alternate uses as you can. This is a great project in the grocery store or dollar store. You’d be amazed to see how dried pinto beans can become a great accent in a clear vase.  I guarantee you’ll find a creative side of you that you never knew existed.





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