Mishon Hosts Celebrity Listening Session for “Dorm Room Music”

National recording artist and ABC’s “Lincoln Heights” alum Mishon gave his celebrity friends Jacob Latimore, Dondria, The Yes Ma’ams and R.L. of the R&B group ‘Next’ the first listen to his new project entitled “Dorm Room Music” on Tuesday in Atlanta.

The crew of R&B lovers embraced their fellow peer’s music with body rocks of soulful rhythm and head nods of instant approval. The pop hits and sultry ballads blazed throughout the studio as true talent embraced the art of another awesome vocalist.

“I’m just too blessed right now,” a humbled Mishon expressed to his studio guests. “I’ve been working on this project for a few months now and it’s finally all coming together. My fans are really going to love the new music as it is an example of where I am right now – not last year or a month ago but in this very moment.”

Just like all music lovers, the crew of crooners and songstresses took advantage of being in the same setting by discussing the state of R&B and its demising future. The singers each took a stab at the road their loved genre of music was headed with passion and loyalty.

Attendees were served a filling dinner all while relaxing in Mishon’s newly built studio and production center in the heart of the city. Mishon’s new ten-track EP “Dorm Room Music” will release on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. For more information and timely updates, please visit Mishon.net and follow @Mishon.

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