Money Keepers

Everyone loves to see a man in a good pair of shoes. It is believed to be the staple item that completes “his” outfit and overall look. If you take care of your shoes then you will be sure everything is in place. I am excited to share with our male and female readers, my idea of other complimentary accessories that exude masculinity and confidence. Personally, there’s nothing worse than a man pulling his wallet, money-clip, or billfold and it’s all torn and ragged, regardless of whether he has stacks of cash or five dollars to his name.

 Here are some of my favorite simple accessories for the modern man….

Money Keepers 2009


MONEY KEEPERS – FROM L to R: Burberry Dark-nickel money clip, $150, available at, Comme des Garçons Leather star embossed wallet, $280, available at Comme des Garçons, 520 W. 22nd St., NYC, (212) 604-9200, Entermodal Leather card case, $145, available at Odin, 199 Lafayette St., NYC, (212) 966-0026, David Yurman Chevron money clip, $395,, Hermès Vertical Azap money holder, $1,800, available at, JCrew Small leather magic wallet, $32, available at, Makr Two-wallet in plaid, $90, available at, Marc Jacobs “Marc” Stamped leather billfold, $45, available at, Paul Smith Printed double-billfold wallet, approximately $145, available at, Prada Saffiano leather wallet, $140, available at Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC, (212) 753-4000

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