Monica Coleman & M320 Consulting Birthday/Anniversary Soiree

Over the weekend, celebrity/corporate publicist Monica Coleman celebrated her 30th year of life & fabulousness, along with the 5 year anniversary of her company M320 Consulting. Monica, or “Spicy Fontaine” (as I’ve coined her) is so cherished and loved here in Atlanta that it’s no big surprise that she managed to pack out an exclusive mansion with adoring family, friends, and industry counterparts.

I love stories like this where I get to boast and brag about my REAL friends & Spicy Fontaine, in our short few years of knowing each other, has BEen more than a friend…she’s BEen one of BE Magazine’s BIGGEST supporters; in fact, M320 was a sponsor for our last release party with DJ Traci Steele & Kalenna Harper (Dirty Money) tag teaming duo covers. I can’t express my gratitude for her BElieving in our brand, nor can words honestly state how proud the BE Team is of all of her accomplishments. I just found out last night that a few years back Monica was involved in a near death car accident & to see where GOD has brought her after undergoing such a life altering accident speaks volumes about her as a person and her strength in BElieving that GOD would pull her through and make her even bigger and BEtter than BEfore.

The party was powered by Monica’s amazing sponsors including Remy V (who’s light liquor is AMAZING), Kee Images, Glue Inc, Coors Light, W Williams, Chef Deborah VanTrece, Carmalitha Gumbs of Three Shades of Me,Williams Accounting & Consulting, Divine Management, Heaven’s Reign Boutique, and of course M320 Consulting.

Around Midnight, Monica hosted a tear jerking toast where she shouted out both of her parents BEing in the building how how rare that can BE, it really touched the crowd…so many BLESSED moments; I know she’ll have them for life!

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