Monsieur Belange SS’15: GenerationZ


When a designer is able to find a tactic that lets them embody versatility and true editorial visuals then BElieve that line will be one to keep your eye on. The indie brand that has caught my eye is MONSIEUR BELANGE led by Head Designer PATRICK NWOSU. The previous stated tactics that this designer has chosen to use may surprise many but also may take many back to a excited time in their life. Yes I’m talking childhood. Nwosu uses marvel comic books as the theme for his designs by incorporating characters, persona, and heroes of the well known comic series. He calls these dapper meets dope men the “GenerationZ Man”. By constituting an array of Textiles you can see designs of leather, lace, embroidered sheer, quilted leather, heavy satin, African fabric, stretch and non-stretch English cotton, wool, denim and digital prints. Nwosu definitely knows how to cater to his customers and fans BEcause  each fabric was selected carefully to cater to certain body types, physique and comfort level for the brand’s clients. The brand will encourage every man to BEcome a Generation-Z man. What exactly does that mean? It means a man that is unique, strong, fit, gifted, powerful, educated, trendy, outspoken, and creative. BEing a GenerationZ Man mean you are an adrenaline junky with the ability to multi-task, and lead. They do not blend in ever, They make rules that are meant to be broken. I suggest that everyone get their MONSIEUR BELANGE and be ahead of the trend curve.

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By: Jeffrey Young/SC Contributor/BE-Style

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