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For over two decades Singer / Songwriter Chante Moore has BEen captivating audiences with her stunning BEauty and  her unrivaled vocal range. With these ,we have BEen constantly entertained by an amazing talent.  “I have BEen blessed and honored to do what I love for a living for as long as I have,” says the songstress .“My fans who have continued with me on my journey and have BEcome a part of me and the music.” Moore’s has a genuine connection with her audience due to the real life stories she sings about in her timeless classics . Fan’s get a more defined Chanté’s with an effortless combination of R&B soaked in gospel roots, soul accents kissed with a touch of jazz and grace with fire, coalesce on her new Shanachie Entertainment debut, Moore Is More (Available Now). Chanté wrote or co-wrote most of the songs featured on the new CD. “My heart is overwhelmed with excitement and joy in life and in my music! I have more to give my fans, more then meets the eye, more of the same and more than what you expect.”


Que: What has it BEen like this far filming for R&B Divas: LA?

Chante: It’s BEen good, it’s over for now . We’ve filmed the entire season and we’re just watching it with you all. It was an amazing season, having the opportunity to share life’s stories with 6 amazing and talented women.

Que: How did you get the opportunity to BE apart of an amazing show ?

Chante: They called my manager stating they were interested in me ; she and I went in for a meeting. They started talking about doing the show and how they wanted to capture the musical journey of me as well as the other ladies in the cast. That really interested me BEcause rather than somebody following me around and talking about my kids (that’s really not exciting to me); I got to share my story.  I liked the emphasis on music, which sounded great to me. I guess at this point in my life, I felt as though it was the perfect time.

Que: Based on the longevity in your career, why do you feel you have remained current for as long as you have?

Chante: Just by the grace of God! Seriously, I love to do what I do for a living and I’m so blessed and honored to be able to still do it and that people will still support me week-to-week, city-to-city, country-to-country. I haven’t had to get a second job, I haven’t worked at McDonald’s yet, so I’m really happy that I get to do this and enjoy my life. Anything else would not BE satisfying.

Que:  Who were some of you biggest influences coming up and who are some of the people you look up to now?

Chante: Well, my mother was a singer, I grew up listening to her sing; my sister, who is also a vocalist, and actually wrote a song for my new album called “Jesus I Want You”. So it was amazing growing up listening to them and my father, he’s a musician; I grew up listening to gospel music so: Tremaine Hawkins, Andre Crouch and all the Hawkins family. That’s what I grew up listening too, just people who BElieve in what they’re singing; which is why I’m stuck on if you’re singing it, you BEtter BElieve in it, BEcause if not people are going to think that you do.

Que: Tell me a little about your new project Moore is More ( Available on Itunes NOW).

Chante: I’m so excited about that, it’s my favorite album yet. But I guess it’s kind of like having kids, your favorite child is the one that you just had, (laughs). I love it, it’s very reflective of my life right now, for the last five years anyway. The ups & downs, I’ve had some big downs and some big ups; I’m really, really happy right now. I’ve had some really low places, emotionally, over the last five years so this album really reflects that journey. It’s a very personal album.

Que: What else can we expect from you in the  future , we have the music, the rest of the season of R & B diva’s to look forward to… a tour, possibly?

Chante: I hope so; there will definitely BE a tour for my new album. I don’t know about a tour with the girls just yet, but right now I know my album is going to tour so look for that.

Que: What advice would you give to the up comers who are trying to do what you’ve done for so long?

Chante: BE true to yourself; and it BEtter BE your passion or they are going to kick your butt; this industry will knock you out. Secondly, know who you are. BEcause if you don’t know who you are they’re going going to try to make you somebody else.


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