BEhind-the-Scene: MOOZ-lum The Movie w/ Q&A

Over the weekend, we were invited to an AMAZING film screening for the upcoming independent film MOOZ-lum starring Nia Long, Danny Glover, Evan Ross, Roger Guenveur Smith, and a host of other prominent and upcoming actors.

The film is a controversial flick that depicts the lives of different Muslim families pre & post 9/11. The film took more than an ordinary look at the Musim culture, it actually put such a diverse face to the entire religion. With such an all-star cast, it’s no BIG secret that Director Qasim Basir plans to take this film all the way to the top just like Precious and Slum Dog Millionaire.

Check out an up close and personal Q&A with MOOZ-lum’s Director Qasim Basir. He talks about everything from his ongoing plights of pitching the movie, working with veteran actors Nia Long & Danny Glover, and of course just how close to home this film really hits for him.

It’s not too late to request MOOZ-lum in a theater near you for it’s February 11th release. For those of you that are fortunate enough to BE close to a city that it’ll BE showing in, do yourself a BIG favor & get there!!! You won’t BE disappointed! Click [HERE] to find out more on the movie & to request it in a theater near you!

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