Mrz. Smith – Gumbo Pop

We may BE approaching the dawn of a new day when it comes to female representation in the game! Ladies stand up for the new wave of Girl Power when it comes to rocking the stage & while you’re standing, make a little room for new girl group Mrz. Smith. The feminine trio consisting of members from California (Riverside & L.A.) & New York, but were brought together to form a group unit after being solo artists.

“Spunky” was the word that immediately came to mind when I think back on the 1st time I saw Mrz. Smith. It was on a red carpet for an event in Atlanta, and these 3 ladies were EVERYWHERE. I’d see one dip off to hug a fan, while another might be smiling her way into the heart of another prospect, and the 3rd member was engulfed in deep conversation with someone. With all three ladies doing their own thing, I didn’t initially take them for being a group, but about every 2 minutes, they’d all come back to their checks and balances, and reunite in the middle of the step-and-repeat for a quick snapshot or two. A few seconds later, and they were again interacting with the people, which I found out later on would BE a huge strength for this group that’s ready to embark on the world.

It wasn’t until recently, that I got the opportunity to see the ladies of Mrz. Smith hit the stage, and I wasn’t surprised to see their warm and bubbly personalities bleed over into their stage performance. Just as the ladies worked the red carpet, they were all over the stage with high hopes to continue with their mission to tackle a new fan base. I found out that the group didn’t consist of 3 singers, but rather a duo of singers accompanied by a rapper…something to the effect of top-selling trio TLC, but with a slightly more bubble gum feel. The ladies actually call their music “gumbo pop” which I also found appropriate due to the lyrics and content, which should measure up well with the younger girl audience; even though the fellas won’t find it hard at all to peep what they’ve got going on.

BE Magazine got the chance to formally chop it up with the ladies of Mrz. Smith to see exactly what they think of their music before it officially hits the streets:

“Our music is ENERGY!!! It’s a lot of ENERGY! If you’re sitting down, you’re not going to BE for long… There’s going to BE something that everybody can relate to on our project, something ENERGETIC at that. Oh we’ll get your attention tonight! Anybody that loves great music, or loves that music for the soul can defintely rock to us. We’re in the studio working on an album; we should have a single out there for y’all soon, so just BE watching for a lot of stuff [that we have] in the works. Y’all definitely are going to BE seeing us a lot more…don’t BE running when y’all see us!!!!

First impressions are often times lasting impressions, and based upon our initial connection, I am sure that the masses would enjoy BEing a part of Mrz. Smith’s world. They are three humble ladies that are starving right now & the only thing to quench that hunger is to stay in the studio, work hard to perfect their growing artistry, but most of all keep that personable spirit.

BE looking out for Mrz. Smith’s new single to impact radio soon under Universal/Motown Records.

Visit or hit the ladies up on to join the ladies on their journey to stardom.  

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