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In these changing times Warner Bros. recording artist Ms. Brown‘s is a very clear example of how the music-buying public’s appetite has evolved. Her first single “Wonderland,” perfectly positions her in the world of hip-hop that has grown to envelop many different genre-specific elements. Even her bio captures her beautiful quagmire. “The song’s wailing electric guitar rift weaves its way through her rhythmic tales of young love…It’s not often that a soul singer cites both Lil’ Wayne and European rockers the Arctic Monkeys amongst her strongest musical influences. Brown’s punk-influenced style is accented with a southern swag that is sure to connect with a diverse audience.” 

Ms. Brown Wonderland Video
A Baltimore native, Shanelle Brown was born into a household where both mother and father are pastors, and she used the strong faith she was instilled with to follow her wildest dreams – against the advice of her parents. Though raised in the church, unlike many with similar pedigrees she did not sing in any choir. In fact, the only vocal experience she had before leaving home would be her time hanging out on Baltimore’s “Federal Hill” as a teenager, where kids would meet up for impromptu freestyle sessions. “Eventually it just grew into something I really loved,” says Ms. Brown. “I started writing and realized it was something I wanted to do.” She put her college education on hold, and left her home in Baltimore to move to Atlanta. Shortly after relocating, she recorded a demo that was ultimately passed to Kevin Clark who owned a high profile recording studio in Atlanta. Kevin was so impressed with Shanelle’s raw talent that he decided to sign her to his newly formed label S Line Records in March of 2007. In January of 2008, after being offered a number of recording contracts, Shanelle signed a deal with Warner Bros. Records. Now, her self-titled debut album is well under way.

BE Magazine caught up to the rising star at Sambuca’s in Buckhead, GA where she was putting it down for industry heavyweights such as producer Christoper “Tricky” Stewart (The-Dream) and Byron Wright (BMI). Though we’ve featured Ms. Brown before – her listening sessions are the stuff of legend. “Thank you, those [songs] were just freebies, they’re not even gonna make the album.” Comparisons to Lauryn Hill abound. “I think everybody should take a back seat to Lauryn Hill but it’s great that people like it.” And, as for her style, “I do what ever the fuck I want!” Talking to her it’s clear that she get’s it. Her swag is tight and she’s confident she had what the people need. “People appreciate good music,” she says. “Right now we’re focusing on the mixtape with Don Cannon.” The concept behind the single garnering so much attention? “Wonderland was given to me by Strongarm Management and Entertainment – it was originally for Wille Joe but I wanted it and he gave it to me.”

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