Ms. Williams | Myspace Mami – Words by Robbin "2Deep" Miller

Firestorm starts in the West, now goes National…


 hat am I talking about? I have the scoop from the “firestarter” herself, Cali’s own Ms. Williams a.k.a. J Star. Born Jenae’ Williams in San Jose, she’s the hot, new and upcoming Queen of Rap! This Sister makes it VERY CLEAR she is the only girl with 2 brothers, so she can hold her own. Men, please don’t waste her time, having brothers gives her the up on that trash popping, so don’t test her! You gotta give this Sister her props, she is definitely doing her thing in both music and acting, and not wasting time on petty stuff. She’s 100% real in ALL that she does. Puts her heart into what she wants, and steers clear of HATERS!

Do yourself a favor, and check out the swagger this young lady personifies at
Drift City Records scored BIG on this talented female. She has a very explosive flow, talented on several instruments, can sing, and to top it off, a DIME PIECE! Before you make the mistake in thinking she’s a light weight, please don’t take her look for granted.

Ms. Williams has an upcoming single with Lil Wayne that’ll be hitting the radio very soon…

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