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There is no name in the game right now like Atlanta artist Muffy! By her tag alone, you can tell that there is something special about her, and by the time you get your first look it, almost all makes sense. On any given day you might see this eclectic songstress rocking light pink and blue hair with a crazy ill outfit that makes you wonder whether she’ll end up on the best or worst dressed list. One thing you can be certain of, Muffy could care less!

“I’m not huge on image. I get up and just throw on whatever comes together and the delicious yumminess just happens”

Yummy is the perfect adjective to describe Muffy; that along with quirky, eccentric, or down right different…and by this point, we’ve moved well beyond Muffy’s fly look! When it comes to music, Muffy is preparing to bring a whole new innovation! It’ll go beyond your typical singing/rapping female artist. Muffy has a delivery method that’ll jump right into your ear drum from her first hook and’ll probably have you walking away wondering, damn, where does all that come from. She rides with the energy of fellow new-comer Janelle Monae, but has a dope spirit like her “soul twin” Erykah Badu (Muff and Erykah happen to share the same birthday). With all that GOD given swag, it’s no coincidence that Muffy is signed to one of the leagues leading super producers, Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford.

“Bangladesh is the dopest! He’s America’s best, and I’m America’s next…”








Muffy can’t help but get excited as she reflects upon some of her and Bang’s studio sessions. The studio is where all the musical magic happens; it’s where Muffy considers her second home. “I’m constantly in the studio grinding…when people ask me who the hardest folks in the game are, I always tell them to go check the studio. It’s the ones in the studio that’s putting in the work. Never knock an artist just because you don’t know them or may not see them; those are the one’s just like me, grinding on that next level and are about to pop.”

But not every artist is as close to success’ door as Muffy, and she has more than pure luck on her side; she’s ready to show the world that the universe is who really opened the door, Bangladesh just happened to be on the other side waiting; and boy did he do some waiting. Muff actually met Bangladesh over a year before getting signed. “It’s a funny story yo, when I first met Bangladesh, he gave me a beat and you know me, I wrote a joint in the 1st 30 minutes, but didn’t get it to him for over a year. It definitely was meant to be, and now it is!”

Just as the universe opened up the door for Muffy, it’s time for the world to open up our hearts and our ears for a much needed change in the game. Muffy could draw you in with her pretty face and quick wit, but the fact that her purpose is even more substantial than any surface effect could ever provide is a portion of what makes Muffy have that “it” factor that so many artists desire. Muffy plans to be the reflection of that non-stereotypical “hood” artist by redefining exactly what it takes to fit the bill. “Everybody can look at Lil Wayne or any other artist from the streets and just respect their gangsta, but when you have someone like me that doesn’t necessarily look the part, then everybody automatically thinks I can’t measure up. Well, in my life I’ve met so many me’s, and I’m here to represent for that rock star”.

Many wonder how mellow laid back Bangladesh meshes so well with a burst of energy like Muffy. It’s evident they have a yin and yang type of formula that makes their creative efforts more than soar. We all know that opposites attract, and the same speaks volumes for this soon to be dynamic duo. Bangladesh is at an all time high following the success of Lil’ Wayne’s mega hit “A Milli”, and is taking his own stab at the artist game with his debut single “Girls Love Me” featuring Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross; and he’s prepping for Muffy’s big premiere with “I’m in Love with a Dopeboy”.  

Until Muffy’s BIG debut, check out Bang’s debut single “Girls Love Me” featuring Busta Rhymes & Rick Ross. Congratulations on those 2 BET Hip Hop Awards Bang!

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