Mullage – Jump on their Elevator


Once in a blue moon a rap group hits the scene that appears to have a certain magnetism for success. This is true of South Atlanta’s shinning starsBraelon (B-Town) McMullen and Marquez (B-Boi ) Hutchinson. Though both men were raised on the same side of town, their story is not one of a bond forged on the streets of the “A”; but, it was in the U.S. Navy that they were introduced by a mutual friend. These men would eventually commit to making music together. One would have to admit that the fact that they just happened to meet while both serving our country, is pretty fresh. And, if I believed in coincidences, I would attribute their meeting and ensuing success to “chance” or “good luck”. Yet, something bigger seems to be at work here. It seems like the hip hop Gods were pushing these brothers together, for each to tell his own story, and in his own way. B-Town describes it as, “two forces engaged in a musical collage.” I could not have put it better myself. So armed with the mission of making music that people can relate to, both left the service, and set out to change the game. Yet, the best thing about these guys isn’t the story of how they met, its their sound.

BE Magazine got the chance to chop it up with Atl’s own B-Boi and B-Town, the innovators that make up the dynamic duo Mullage. Meaning “Musical Collage, these brothers are doing more than just cutting and pasting their personal styles, they are blending their experiences and worldviews to make a musical masterpiece. By now we have all heard their smash hit “Trickin'”, and its many remixed versions that features various big names e.g., T.I., Yo Gotti, Juvenile, and T-Pain. We asked the men what they’ve been up to since the success of “Trickin'”, to which B-Town answered, “Its been a constant grind, its been a blessing, but a constant grind. Trying to stay relevant you have to put things in your own hands.” I trust that anything crafted from the hands of these masterminds is sure to be gold. Yet, if you’re expectingMullage to be another one trick pony, snap dancing their way into the mainstream, you are more than mistaken. To further ensure that their listeners understand their unique style and devotion to the craft, they released apre album “Elevators”. When asked why they chose to do a pre-album B-Boi explained that its “a body of work we put out for the masses, and as an introduction to the music industry”. Their music though catchy, boasts lyrics that resonates with the listeners. To assure that their music is received by the people that its intended to reachMullage has been traveling around the globe, and putting in the work necessary to solidify them as trailblazers of the rap game.

We urge our readers to give Mullage a listen, and to go and cop the pre-album “Elevators”. They have a new single being played right now with TI called “For Real”, as well as another single due out entitled “Grown Man” featuring Jody Breeze off of thepre -album. Also be on lookout for their mix tape “This Is For The Radio” to drop in mid January, and for their first studio album “The Element of Versatility” to drop either in Feb or March. To the brothers of Mullage BE solutes you, thanks you for your service, and expects to hear BIG things from you very soon.




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