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“Shawty you know that I got that cash…you don’t even have to ask (nooooo). You can have anything you want to, cuz I can make it rain on you…”

While that line could easily BE one of the ladies’ most adored phrases for eternities to come, for From the Ground Up/Jive recording artists Mullage it’s been so much more. The song “Trick’N” has brought much deserved fame to Mullage members B-Boi & B-Town, from having the new joint and a consecutive spot on BET’s 106 & Park all the way to promotional tours opening up for hot acts like Nina Sky & Pitbull.

In fact, the fellas have been just about everywhere since receiving their new found glory including Atlanta, GA, which is where we caught up with the duo to find out more about the men Behind the group. Mullage isn’t a word that initially comes to mind, or simply flows off of the tongue, but when explained that it’s a mixture of the words MUSIC & COLLAGE, the name instantly started to make sense. The name took on a deeper meaning once I saw how the two fellas rocked the stage. While one member was winning over fans by spitting the hardcore lyrics that hip hoppers can’t help but love, the other was pulling his shirt off to let the ladies know that there’s more to them than what meets the ear.

Success has come very quick for Mullage, but the two have been graciously awaiting this period in their careers. “It’s a surreal feeling, it’s a blessing at the end of the day. We’ve come a long way, worked real hard, long nights, countless days, countless disappointments, opportunities, and everything.”

So how does one come to get one of the biggest summer singles?

“The instrumental actually sat in our email for a while, but my homie had to get on me and make me start working on the record, and we actually got started right here at Hot Beats [Studio] on Spring Street in Atlanta. The song was written and recorded in an hour, and that’s what we came out with.

B-Boi: Grinding. Me personally, I got my start recording on my laptop. I’ve always had a passion for music ever since I was little. I’d tie myself to the music in some kind of way; remembering every song that came on the radio, and I actually went into the military when I was 18 years old, and that’s when I really started getting serious about my music. I started going to the recording studio in Virginia & really developed a passion for it, so every time I got a paycheck, I’d be jumping to pay for some studio time.

B-Town: I actually got started in 9th grade at South Cobb High School, I was in class with a few of my buddies that was actually a lil older than me, shouldn’t have been in my class, but it’s all good. I would write lyrics, and at that time I wasn’t really taking it that serious, but I would write lyrics pass it on to them and ask how it sounded, and they would all be like…that’s cool man, that’s cool. I also was in the United States Navy; I went in on November 29, 2004, which is actually where we met. We were introduced through a mutual friend, who’s no longer with us. This was his dream as well, so we kind of do this for him. That’s where it started at & we gon’ keep it moving.

“We pride ourselves in our music man. It can take us up to 3 days to do a song, we don’t rush, we’re not into thinking let’s just get in there and get something done. “Trick’N” was about the quickest session we’ve ever done. We like to put a lot of deep though into our music. People will buy into something more if they feel like they can relate to it.”

“We make music for the grounded people.”

The fellas of Mullage are two smart dudes, which translates brilliantly into their music and stage presence. The remix for “Trick’N” was recently released, and they are in the studio grinding out their debut album which will BE available on shelves and on iTunes soon. Check out the rest of our interview BElow…the fellas even freestyle for me, so make sure you don’t miss out on the skillz!

Mullage Performing LIVE in Atlanta

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