Munchies Owner Tyreal Lewis & Mo Pain’s 300 Turkey Giveaway

Munchies Burgers, Wings & Seafood Owner Tyreal “REAL” Lewis and Crown Life Recording Artist Mo Pain joined forces with Hot 107.9 Atlanta, the weekend BEfore Thanksgiving, to give over 300 needy families turkeys for the holiday. The line of families was almost wrapped completely around the Riverdale block. With all of the the excited people, giveaways, and banging music, it started to feel like a party- which every charity event should.
BE Entertained Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Elizabeth Omilami (Hosea Feed the Hungry), Tyreal Lewis, and Mo Pain about the impact they made on Atlanta’s communities by BEing a part of this event. Without “Real” & Mo Pain’s generosity, lots of families might BE short this Thanksgiving season. You’ve gotta love when powerful people join together for such a great cause!
“Real chose to give 100 of the Turkeys to Hosea Feed The Hungry as he has supported this organization several years now as his ongoing effort to help end homelessness. 50 Turkeys will be given to a local non-profit in the Riverdale area where Munchies is based to help deserving families during the Thanksgiving holidays. The rest of the 150 turkeys will be given to those on a first come, first serve basis.”
Check out the video and the pictures BElow…
(Former BE Magazine Cover Artists the Rich Kidz also came out to show a little love for the community…it would have BEen fly if they would have performed for the awaiting crowd, but they did assist with handing out turkeys…every little bit helps!)

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