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     Time and Time again we hear the old fashion adage, “Your only as good as your last collection.” For that matter, I am glad to have witnessed Mychael Knight’s growth over the last few years as an emerging designer. From being a fan favorite on the acclaimed series Project Runway to being the go to designer for Atlanta’s premier artist and celebrities, he has truly made a statement “Under the Tents” at Charleston Fashion Week with the debut of his F/W 2010 Collection, Carte Blanche. I had the opportunity to chat with Mychael for a moment about his well constructed and thought provoking designs. 

BE-Style: What were your choices of fabrics/textiles for this collection?

MK: My fabric selection was extremely broad this collection. Vinyl, wools, silks, corduroy, lace, and many others were used to create the looks. No limits to my imagination.

BE-Style: What new techniques did you use in creating the romantics and whimsical garments?

MK: I really didn’t really used “techniques”. I honestly played & manipulated the fabrics and let them transform as they may.

BE-Style: Was there a method to your madness in choosing to only do black and white versus patterns?

MK: It was simple; I wanted a clean palette to design with. Wasn’t interested in color. I wanted the designs to be uninterrupted with patterns.

BE-Style: What factors do you attribute to your growth as a designer since the days of Project Runway and Bryant Park?

MK: It was 4yrs. ago. Growth (for those who allow it) is inevitable.

For Information: www.MychaelKnight.com

Photo Credits: Anoush Ehssani, 99 Square Productions

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