Neo Gospel Soul Artist Lisa McClendon | Story by Daon Drisdom

National recording artist Lisa McClendon graces the pages of BE Entertained Magazine’s International Issue, and there’s no real second guessing why she made the cut!  Incorporating a hip-hop and neo-soul feel to her inspirational gospel songs, Lisa sends up her praises in a way that shakes the foundation of gospel music world-wide.  The proclaimed “Lauryn Hill of Gospel” shared her music with the Center for Black Women’s Wellness, an organization supporting low income families, in Atlanta for a benefit concert at Green Pastures Ministries (and a media lunch).  Since she was asked to participate and interact with the facility, she has supported the many families that receives the services of the organization.   And serving as a spokesperson for the center, she has enjoyed making a difference in the lives of families as she watches her work through pure heart and spiritual guidance not go in vain.


The young mother [10] ten started releasing her music for the world to hear in 2002 with My Diary Your Life and she has BEen continuing to bless the lives of people with her hip-hop incorporations in her mission to spread the word of God.  In almost 10 years she has released 4 albums including a holiday album last year.  As the world continues to accept her music, especially in one of her favorite places the UK; Mrs. Lisa McClendon still tours and performs her inspirational soul and jazz inspired music.


Catch up with Lisa and see what she is up to and how she juggles the hats of BEing an artist and most importantly a wife and mother on her website at For all of you tweeters, you can interact with Lisa McClendon at @lisamcclendon, and for everyone kicking it on Facebook, the official page is Lisa McClendon FANmily.

Check out photos BElow of Lisa McClendon in Atlanta for the Center for Black Women’s Wellness Celebration of Mothersbenefit concert on Friday, May 6 at Green Pastures Christian Ministries. Photo Credit: Bob Moffa,

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