[New Music Friday] Vedo’s State of Mind


Your favorite R&B Singer, Vedo, has released his latest EP, State of Mind. BE has BEen following Vedo since Usher picked him on Season 4 of NBC’s The Voice. His voice made us understand why he was a participant on the show.

Vedo is a singer, songwriter, and entertainer who was born in BEnton Harbor, Michigan. At the age of 9 his mother discovered his vocal ability and many BEcame impressed with his distinct tone, range and perfect pitch. After moving to Atlanta with his father, Vedo BEcame more and more enthused with music and the rest is history.

Since The Voice, 23 year old Vedo has grown immensely and is on the road to stardom. State of Mind was released last month and its Vedo’s first independent project on his own laBEl New WAV Music Group. His first single, In My Feelings, charted on R&B charts and Billboard 100 charts independently.

Click here to see the video for In My Feelings BElow and make sure you download State of Mind Today! Learn more about Vedo by following him on all social media @VedoTheSinger!


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