New Music!!! Jacquees & Jagged Edge “All I Really Want”

If nothing else is bringing out the true meaning of this holiday season, I must say the music this year is. This holiday season artist such as Usher, Dawn, Mariah Carey, R Kelly, Justin B, and  John Legend to name a few have seemed to have decided to go into the studio and take a break from the Uptempo Pop Holiday music. They have decided to give the people the R&B and Soulful holiday music we miss and if you thought Fans Fav Jagged-Edge was not going to hope on this train YOU WERE WRONG!

Grammy Nominated and Fans Favorite group Jagged-Edge decided to collaborate with 17 year old R&B-phenom, Jacquees, and give the people the Jagged-Edge Music we miss. “All I Really Want” is a slow R&B Holiday Ballad that BE knows is going to have everyone especially the youngsters and True Jagged-Edge Fans nodding and lets just say TRULY enjoying the HOLIDAY with friends,family, and the lovers. BE can speak on and on about the track but we’re going to let you all HEAR it BE-Low and let BE know if its BEast or NOT !!!!!



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