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Everyone in the fashion world was a buzz for the NY Spring/Summer 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week “make-over”. For a decade, the infamous New York Fashion Week was traditionally held at Bryant Park, but this year, NY’s Fashion week took a turn, for what some consider an upgrade, and was held at the prestigious Lincoln Center.

BEing that the current issue of BE Entertained Magazine is our BE Style Issue, it was only fitting for the BE Team to get an up close and personal [first] experience for this year’s New York Fashion Week. I’ll preface by stating that BE Magazine’s editorial staff, while very versatile, doesn’t really consider ourselves extreme “fashionistas”…with the exception of M.Jai and our BE Style team. With that in mind, we were pleasantly surprised at the enchanting experience that fashion week withheld. For our short four day NYC Fashion Week extravaganza, which was planned quite spur of the moment, it was amazing to see the love that BE Entertained Magazine received from monstrous, influential, and very high end designers like Reco Chapple (House of Chapple) and Designers Collective, Byron Lars, Diesel, Versace, Regina Davon (ALT.KILT), Tai Chunn, SABIT NYC, and Triple F.A.T. Goose. From having front row “ALL ACCESS” seats to sipping on lavish complimentary cocktails, the designers, publicists, and BE Magazine conglomerates truly made this primary fashion week visit an honest history book moment. And who said New Yorkers are anything but kind??? (Exempting the road raged taxi cab drivers, anyone brave enough to tough it and actually drive with the taxis, and tons of pedestrians that are BEing run down, ignored, and/or BEing scooped up by the viscous death defying taxi cab drivers. )

Here’s what’s HAUTE about NY Fashion Week: BE Magazine’s Top 5 on why ANYONE would love attending New York S/S Fashion Week

1. The LOVE…

BE Magazine was shown so much love by designers, publicists, and event coordinators! We cannot express our gratitude for the many invites, fashion night out gifts, freeBEs, friends, twitter look outs, restaurants, and everybody else that showed us pure LOVE during the trip.

2. A Fashion Frenzy…


3. BEing in the room…bumping shoulders (and NETWORKING) w/ key individuals in the fashion industry…

From designers to publicists, everybody scurrying around (usually with papers in hand) is of importance. It seemed like everybody knew somebody that knew somebody…make sure you know somebody!

4. The Celebrity Pop-Ups…

5. The New York Experience…

Here’s what’s NOT SO HOT about S/S NY Fashion Week: BE Magazine’s Top 5 on why you may want to consider staying put…

1. BEing (extra) unprepared…




5. #THATISALL (exempting those “motor speedway approved” taxi cabs…hey, they are “public service oriented”…like us??? LOL)

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