Nicoya Polar

Every now and then, we’re fortunate enough to run across a new artist who’s personality is like silk, and their talent explodes all over you from the moment you’re blessed to hear them sing.

This prelude honestly doesn’t give R&B sensation Nicoya Polar her proper introduction, so you can imagine what it was like the first time we met the Houston, Texas singer/songwriter. Nicoya was in Atlanta to personally meet, greet (and of course TWEET) with select media, DJ’s, and entertainment tastemakers at Straits (Rapper/Actor Ludarcris’ restaurant). We knew Nicoya had a great team BEhind her (due to the personal invite), and that her single, “Loving What You Do” was added to rotation on WVEE-FM in Atlanta (V103), but after meeting her & listening to her live, I not only BEcame an instant fan, but was amazed at how much charm she radiated through her meek spirit. As she answered every question thrown at her, I anxuiously awaited for her to use the tool that got us to the meet & greet in the 1st place, and I was pleasantly surprised to find not only an instrument awesomely trained, but a vocal powerhouse that radiated every song that she sung (even while singing in Italian).

From the 1st time I heard Nicoya’s single “Loving What You Do,” I immediately began to question the vocal entity BEhind the voice belting through the radio, so I was amazed to meet the person BEhind the voice. The song was an instant hit through my ears, so it’s always good to put two & two together merging the radio voice with the real live persona.

Check out this singer/songwriter for yourself…I’m sure she’ll win you over as quickly as she did the BE Team.

We’ll have lots more soon from Nicoya, as she is prepping to perform at BMI’s 13th Annual Unsigned Showcase in Atlanta, where she’ll BE showcaseing her talent for the likes of producer Bangladesh (judge), singer Lloyd (host), hip-hop trio Travis Porter (performing), and rapper Drake (headliner).

Here’s Nicoya’s debut single “Loving What You Do”
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