As of lately, rappers from Atlanta seem to come a dime a dozen, but that certainly doesn’t mean all of them are blessed with equal talent. In fact, the ‘A’ often times receives demerit points for having “bubble gum” artists known for using cliché-driven talent to make it in today’s industry. So it’s extra refreshing to come across a young ATLien who’s ready to set a new standard of passionate hip hop; one that’s more so pulsed by objectionable rhymes and lyrics as opposed to obvious catch phrases and hooks.

He goes by the name nNo (pronounced, “en-O”) and is sure to BE one of the next BIG substantial virtuosos to bless the game (in and out of Atlanta). “Most people think I’m from New Orleans…I’m not from New Orleans, I’m from the ATL. I do love New Orleans though & all the people there so nopthing bad, but my name is nNO.” It was more than nNo’s stated grind that made it apparent that he exudes the needed passion that it takes to really make it in today’s rollercoaster market.

What sealed the deal for me personally?

I was preparing to meet nNo, and as he approached our scheduled meeting spot, he walked past me and was SPITTING. I instantly knew he was the artist that I was set to meet. Interestingly, nNo was true fesh breath of air in comparison to some of the rappers we run across. Affectivity seemed to reign all over him once we formally introduced ourselves, and I quickly garnered the notion that nNo is NO amateur in the rapping category. “Man I been doing this for a minute. Ever since I could talk, I’ve been rapping and staying on my grind and hustle. I’ve definitely been learning as I grow and just walking one foot at a time and still taking everything and kind of putting it on my back to enchance that…you dig?” nNo speaks confidently about his strides in the music game thus far, even though he has yet to see his upper teenage years.

nNo understands that being an Atlanta native brings him extremely large shoes to fill in hopes to continue the growing legacy that ATL has offered to hip hop, but is gearing up for what he’s calling a different type of takeover. “I’m going to definitely be giving back to what we call the “new” Atlanta. I call it the “new” Atlanta because I’m bringing a whole new era; and that new era is going to bring back a the type of things that T.I.P came from, the type of things that Outkast came from. You know I’m going to go hard for all the Andre 3000’s, the Cee-Lo’s, and the Goodie Mobb’s. I’m trying to bring back that era, and since it’s been gone so long, it needs to kinda be reinvented; so I call it the “new” Atlanta, and that’s what I’m prepared to bring to the game. That’s definitely lyrics…I want people to still have a good time, but you definitely will have to listen to my lyrics to understand the meaning behind nNo.”

As stated earlier, nNo is not weary about the Atlanta musical movement that’s brought the ATL the musch deserved attention, and he even takes time to shout out groups like Travis Porter & Rich Kidz, but wants the world to know that he’s nNo, which is a lyrically driven, hip hop head who’s passion truly lies in studying the orgins behind the movement, not just jumping in head first based upon obvious talent. nNo has been putting in work and laying his musical foundation for quite some time. He draws his inspiration from like minded entities like KRS-One, Slick Rick, Tupac, Biggie, and of course the previously mentioned A-town artists, which given nNo a large array of substance to draw his own unique talent from.

Go ahead and check out what this rapper/actor/young G extroidinaire can do…Also BE on the lookout for his single “LEGGO” to BE hitting your radio & iPods soon!

You can definitely reach out to nNo & let him know what you think of his music…

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