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Back in 2008, if you would have asked K. Ju’nell Robinson, where she would see herself in 5 years, the answer would not have BEen  fashion designer. She was leaving high school that year with hopes to pursue a career in early childhood education, hoping to open a daycare. After 2 years of college, with 4 different majors, Kween is now the CEO and independent designer for No Fine Print. Since 2011 she’s teamed up with various ARTrepreneurs from all across the east coast, not only to spread the clothing collection, but to provide a platform for all the leaders of this genre. In 2012 a semi-annual series of performing arts shows branched out from NFP called Translate My Appearance, where artists are given the chance to showcase their culture and talents, to an audience of like-minded individuals, supporters, and potential business partners and/or clients. She’s worked and interned with radio and magazine outlets, helped coordinate charity events, and BEen involved with fashion shows from NY & DC to ATL.

“As far back as I can rememBEr I’ve BEen fascinated with the arts. I attended art summer camps, I was ALWAYS purchasing magazines, coming up with story lines, always buying cassettes and cds, recording songs off the radio with my karaoke machine, and I was always questioned for the way I dressed.” Says K. Ju’nell.

It all started when Ju’nell wasn’t able to find the clothing she was looking for in stores, but forced to settle with what was on the shelves and had to style it to fit her persona. She BEgain to take different fabrics and hand-sewing them to BEtter fit her self views. The one who was once criticized for wearing boots with shorts and skirts in middle and elementary school, was now BEing asked how others could purchase what she was wearing. Kween considers her style of fashion streetchic, taking the color and pattern waves of the couture side of the industry, but adding a edgy masculine feel to the garment, while still keeping it feminine by styling with accessories and hair play. Once the demand for her clothing continued to grow, she dropped her first set of designs, every piece from the No Fine Print Clothing Collection is 1 of 1, so that there will never be an incident where two people walk into an event with the same piece on. Creating new apparel every time you’re on the drawing board can BEcome quite a challenge, but that’s what keeps it interesting for Ju’nell. But when those moments of doubt do enter her mind, she regains focus with meditation, and rememBEring that there are other artist who gain their motivation from her, she can’t let them down, nor can she let herself down.

In the past few months Ju’nell has started a No Fine Print Cypher Series on Youtube where she features different ARTrepreneurs with the chance to display their craft, followed with an interview to better know the artist. She has clothing featured in a boutique in the downtown streets of her hometown Norfolk, VA, music videos circulating where she designed and styled the featured act, BEgan a ministry within her church where she coaches how to revamp clothing as well as revamping the walk of life. Attending different art shows and community events, spreading the brand and building connections, looking for emerging artist to collab on projects together, her plans for 2014 consist of an art tour touching at least 5 major HBCU’s, teaming up with other designers to create limited edition pieces, hosting events on a monthly basis and have clothing in another consignment boutique outside of Virginia. With long term goals of designing wedding dresses and upholstery for homes, while still hosting events and traveling encouraging the world to do what it is, they really want to do.

“I just want to wake up every day an BE an artist”

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