No Wire Hangers 4 Fashion Show w/ Kalenna Harper, Vina Mills, & Wish

Last night, hundreds of Atlanta’s most fashionable gathered at the M. Rich Arts Center for BE Entertained Magazine’s 4th Annual No Wire Hangers BEnefit Fashion Show, hosted by singers Kalenna Harper (Diddy Dirty Money) & Vina Mills. Both hosts looked stunning and didn’t mind bringing “the girls” out for the crowd.


The fashion forward charity event, which also doubled as BE Magazine’s 5th Anniversary Party, kicked off with a special VIP Red Carpet Reception showcasing the amazing work from our specially selected featured designers Vintage Hazel & Calapo by Carey. VIP guests were also treated to unlimited signature Exclusiv Vodka cocktails & a SWAG bag full of products including items from Miss Jessie’s, Cocotique, T-Shirt Divas, Sleep is 4 Suckers, BEautiful Amore, & Couture Statis.

Guests were also wow’d by the unique “controlled chaos” runway experience, showcasing women’s wear by the same designers, Vintage Hazel & Calapo by Carey. ATL Socialite Bo Talley took to the catwalk as our suprise model, while recording artist Wish made the entire crowd “feel her BEat” with a rip the runway style performance to close out the show.

Other notable attendees included Erica Dixon (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta), RL (Next) & Lena Huggs (designer), Leigh Bush, Yusef Williams (celebrity hairstylist), Karlie Redd (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta), Gym Shoes,  Dondria (So So Def), TC (songwiter), Terrence Davidson (celebrity hairstylist), The Elite Petite (our Red Carpet Host) & of course Atlanta’s fashionistas.

No Wire Hangers 4 exceeded last year’s endeavors and raised a pretty nice coin & lots of awareness for this year’s BEneficiary AID Atlanta’s The Evolution Project. Event sponsors included Versatile Views,, Tees & Quotes,  Cutting Edge BarBEr and BEauty Institute (the means BEhind the models’ looks), Eye Too, Organic Threadz, Love Braylon, Exclusiv Vodka, QuenteSential Branding, The Social Circle, Club Kiss Salon, Will Da BarBEr, and DJ Jay Marz (who also provided the event soundtrack). Event vendors included the Speak Tee, Shop Fearless Fix, Organic Threadz, & Eye Too.

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[Photo Credit: Darius Marshall | Voncel’s Reflection]


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