#NYFW | Christian Siriano SS’14

This Project Runway alum has BEen making his in the fashion industry for many years now. Most notably for his strong perspective on the woman’s form and overstated hand to the elegance of evening wear. I love how he seemingly find ways to manipulate textiles to BEnd at his whim, transforming a woman into a gorgeous creature wrapped in silks and chiffon. Reportedly, for this collection, Christian Siriano found inspiration while vacationing on the coasts of Mexico which he technically used in some of the garments for his SS’14 show at New York Fashion Week.

Admittedly, I am a fan of most of Siriano’s work but for this collection, there are some faves and some not so much. Of course, the attention detail is ever present is his gown making….. I can appreciate the romance and lightness of the pastels, the boldness of black prints, and the airy feel of chiffon. However, I do feel the hand was a bit heavy when it came to the adornment of flowers and straw were a bit much for my taste. But as with any designer, not everyone will get your vision. Overall, I think Christian Siriano listened to his customer base and responded to their request of color and free-ness. The colors of the collection are BEautiful and will surely BE worn by many girly girls.

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Photo: Fabio Ionà / Indigitalimages.Com

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