#NYFW2014: Hood by Air F/W

The art of presenting Gothic Glam is one that has BEen perfected by famed designer, Rick Owens. But there is a new kid on the block and he’s kicking azz. Designer of the newest statement label, Hood By Air (HBA), Shayne Oliver, BEfittingly hails from NYC and owes his success to the will of not confirming but navigating through the not so welcoming society of the Brooklyn anti-gay streets.

For this F/W’14 collection, Oliver delivered untraditional runway models full of tattoos of all enthicities , shapes, and genders. I LOVE IT! The clothes were an extension of his oversized logos, buckles, exposed zippers, laced up knee high boots – in grommeted suede, denim, and leather.

The finale was definitely entertaining and statement worthy, set to a soundtrack of prrrrrr-cat, The Ha Dance, and commentating chants… SCROLL DOWN!  Shayne Oliver also released an online video to coincide with the show too, with the designer seeing it as a dedication to “All the FUCCBOI’s who shred the status quo with aggression and lush energies.”

HOO_0048.450x675 HOO_0037.450x675 HOO_0019.450x675 HOO_0148.450x675 HOO_0174.450x675 HOO_0196.450x675 HOO_0229.450x675 HOO_0255.450x675 HOO_0281.450x675 HOO_0292.450x675 HOO_0334.450x675 HOO_0360.450x675 HOO_0376.450x675 HOO_0405.450x675 HOO_0426.450x675 HOO_0454.450x675 HOO_0470.450x675 HOO_0504.450x675 HOO_0521.450x675 HOO_0551.450x675 HOO_0566.450x675 HOO_0579.450x675 HOO_0603.450x675 HOO_0620.450x675 HOO_0631.450x675 HOO_0644.450x675 HOO_0657.450x675 HOO_0665.450x675 HOO_0678.450x675 HOO_0694.450x675 HOO_0713.450x675 HOO_0720.450x675
HOO_0118.450x675 HOO_0090.450x675HOO_0782.450x675

Click the link for pure extravaganza, courtesy of NYmag.com !  Voguing at Hood By Air

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